What is white label email marketing software?

It’s only worth offering email marketing as a service if it brings mutual benefits for you and your clients. On a basic level, you need to ensure that it’s going to boost your agency’s revenue without consuming too much resource.

For your clients, the service needs to provide a good return on investment through the delivery of great campaigns.

White label email marketing helps you and your clients realise those mutual benefits; provided you choose the right solution, of course.

White labelled vs branded ESPs

First things first, it’s important to make the distinction between white label email marketing providers and email service providers, or branded ESPs as we call them.

A branded ESP is a company that helps you send email marketing messages by offering an email marketing platform or tool. Essentially, it’s an email marketing solution that allows you to send email campaigns that look great when they land in the recipient’s inbox.

There are hundreds of branded ESPs on the market – MailChimp is the one that immediately springs to mind – providing a varying level of services including email creation, consultancy, training and other email-related services.

White label email marketing is a generation on from branded ESPs. White label email software allows you to manage multiple client accounts and apply your own branding.

As a professional agency, you don’t really want software logos all over your reports and dashboards, especially if you provide client access to the platform. If you’ve built up an image of your agency as a brand, it can seem small time – amateurish even – to offer an email marketing service that leans heavily on another provider.

One option is to build your own email marketing software, but this can be both time consuming and expensive. And, with some are excellent platforms already offering white label solutions, there is little benefit from building your own.

So, how does it work?

White label email marketing software or services are created by one company (let’s call them business A). That solution is then provided to another company (business B). Business B (in this case, a digital marketing agency) is then able to resell those services to their clients.

A key advantage of using a white label ESP is that business B can customise the platform with their own branding and sell it to the client as their own creation. The client will have no idea that business A has played a part and never sees what technology is under the bonnet.

Not a white lie, just white label.

Introducing Instiller

Instiller is one provider of white label email marketing software – naturally, we think we do it best. Here’s why…

100% White label

Instiller doesn’t just allow you to set the platform’s branding to match your agency – you can then customise it with logos and colours for each of your clients. There’s not a mention of Instiller anywhere, which is pretty important if you’re wanting to resell the platform.

Resell it for an easy mark-up

As a reseller of Instiller, your agency can sell it to your clients at the price you deem right for your part in the service. We make things easy by sending you one monthly invoice that reflects how much you and your clients have used the platform in the period. The mark-up is up to you…

Ease of use

Instiller’s stylish and intuitive interface application allows you to manage all of your clients in one place. No more logging in and out of different screens, you just simply switch between accounts with just a few clicks.

Find out more

If you want to find out how white label email software can benefit your agency, get in touch with Instiller. Our white label platform gives you the flexibility to make it your own, and there are loads (by loads we mean loads) of features included in the monthly fee.

Plus, our platform is targeted solely at marketing agencies so our understanding of the market is second to none.

Put simply, if your agency created a white label email and marketing automation tool, it would look like Instiller. Get in touch and see how we can provide more value to your clients.

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