Protect your sender reputation

Instiller includes a complete set of sender reputation monitoring tools, which no other
email service provider does, saving you time and money.

System Monitor

Email performance

Reporting & insights that help to resolve issues and improve performance.

Domain reputation

Continual domains health checks are run to ensure your emails stay secure.

Blacklist monitor

Early warning against any listings that may affect email deliverability.

Unlimited sending domains

Sender reputation is everything when it comes to email marketing and Instiller makes it easy to setup and manage and unlimited number of sending domains.

Top features
  • Secure email sending
  • Phishing protection
  • DKIM & SPF
  • Continual monitoring
  • Blacklist checking
  • Expiry reminders
Unlimited sending domains

Blacklist monitoring & alerts

Reduce the impact blacklists have on deliverability, inbox placement and avoid damage to sender reputation using built-in reporting that continually monitors all sending domains, tracking domains and IP addresses

Top features
  • Continual monitoring
  • Sending domains
  • IP addresses
  • Tracking domains
  • Delisting advice
  • Weekly digest
Blacklist monitoring & alerts

Automated list hygiene

Instiller takes care of helping to keep the data in your lists clean. Cleansing rules are applied after each send to remove hard bounced email addresses.

Top features
  • Avoid spam traps
  • Bad data removal
  • Protect sender reputation
  • Customisable rules
  • Detailed reporting
  • Increased engagement eates
Automated list hygiene

Reputation insights & analysis

Instiller provides a complete history of monitoring for domains, IP addresses and blacklist. Every campaign is analysed and rated to enable you to easily pinpoint reputation or data related issues affecting deliverability & performance.

Top features
  • Email Performance Rating
  • Domain health checks
  • IP address monitor
  • Blacklist checker
  • Domain renewal monitor
  • Mail queue insights
Reputation insights & analysis

More features...

Here's more info on just a few of the other features available for managing sender reputation.

Live mail queues

See how many emails are in your queues and the responses being sent back by ISPs.

Weekly digest

Instiller will send you a weekly report of any domain, blacklist and IP address issues.

Free SSL

All links within emails and landing page URLs are served securely using HTTPS.

Continual monitoring

Instiller tests domain DNS settings and the most popular blacklists every 30 minutes.

Activity reporting

Domain level tracking of all related campaigns and automation workflows.

Improved performance

Managing sender reputation results in better delivery and engagement rates.

Seamless integration with other apps

Developers can create custom integrations using our API and you can easily connect to a stack of other apps straight out of the box.

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