A powerful & easy to use email designer

Design responsive emails quickly and easily using our drag and drop email designer or if you're an expert coder simply upload your own HTML.

Drag & drop

Flexible blocks of content that make it so easy to create any layout.

No coding

Design responsive emails from scratch without ever having to see a line of code

Mobile friendly

The email designs you create will look perfect on any device..

Intelligent personalisation

Designs can be personalised easily using basic merge tags. There's also handy ways to format output and to set fallback values for taking care of any gaps in your data.

Top features
  • Simple merge tags
  • 30 Custom fields
  • Targeted segments
  • Conditional content
  • Template language
  • NiftyImages integration
Customised login screen branding Customised login screen branding

Detailed insights & analysis

Real-time reporting produces detailed and powerful insights to help marketers understand what makes their campaigns an success and highlights potential issues that could be holding performance back.

Top features
  • Automated re-targeting
  • Realtime activity feed
  • App & device reporting
  • Visual click map
  • Location reporting
  • Deliverability analysis
Detailed insights & analysis

Campaign optimisation

Use split testing to help with uncovering the subject lines and content that help to generate better engagement rates and to increases sales.

Variable elements
  • Up to 5 'splits'
  • Subject lines
  • Email content
  • Sending domains
  • Conditional content
  • Delivery date & time
Branded to your agency with your own domain

Preview & testing

Live preview allows you to see exactly how personalised emails look in your browser. Send tests to colleagues or clients and speed up design sign-off using built-in feedback and approval features.

Top features
  • Personalised previews
  • Inbox testing
  • Litmus integration
  • Commenting & approval
  • Mail Tester integration
  • Email on Acid integration
Preview & Testing

More features...

Here's more info on just a few of the other features relating to forms.

Image hosting

Amazon cloud hosting provides lightning quick download speeds for images.

Link & image checker

Automatic tests that alert you to those easy to miss errors before it's too late.

Shared templates

Reduce design time by sharing designs across multiple accounts.

Email preview text

Maximise inbox impact using easy to add hidden custom message text.

Auto-generate text version

One click to ensure the emails you send are composed correctly.

Mail filter testing

Each time you press save mail filter test results are refreshed automatically.

Inbox testing

Send tests to colleagues or clients and get their feedback and approval.

Live preview

See exactly what personalised subscriber emails look like in your browser.

Send to a friend

Allow your subscribers to securely shared content with their friends.

Email Marketing FAQs

Email marketing works by delivering targeted, and measurable, messages to your customers and prospects.

Email marketing helps to promote brand awareness with potential customers and to strengthen the brand loyalty of your existing customers through targeted messaging that will enrich and improve the entire customer journey.

Email marketing can help you to grow your business by...

  • driving sales
  • boosting brand awareness
  • generating and nurturing leads
  • keeping customers engaged
  • increasing customer loyalty and lifetime value

Effective email marketing campaigns, always start with a well thought out plan that clearly defines your goals.

Think about what it is you want to achieve and how you will track performance and measure success.

Most of all, be creative and do you marketing your way. For more inspiration, take a look at our email marketing guide for agencies.

An email is an email, right? Well... it doesn't have to be and because email marketing is so powerfully flexible it means you can design your messaging so that it aligns with your email marketing objectives.

Here are just three types to think about including in your email marketing strategy.

Broadcast emails

Ad-hoc campaigns that can be used to send promotional messages, important account or service information, product updates and anything else that will help to improve the brand experience that your customers enjoy.

This type of email will be expected by your customers and will help to build and strengthen a loyal relationship with them.

Design your ad-hoc emails with the focus on the primary call-to-action (CTA) and this will give your campaign the best chance of success.

Every audience is unique and design is a subjective thing so experiment with the content and may be even think about split A/B testing.

Behaviour emails

These emails are targeted based on how people interact with your brand and the key to success is to ensure the are personalised, timely and accurate.

Each business is different but for most an onboarding sequence of emails will always go down well. Your customer will learn more about your offering and it also provides you with the opportunity to upsell other products and services.

It's not only your customers that behavioural emails work really well for but they can also help to convert prospects into paying customers through abandoned basket emails, free trial expiry reminders and re-engagement campaigns.

Behavioural email marketing really does open up massive opportunities for cross-selling and upselling to existing customers plus being able to nurture and convert your prospects.

Transactional emails

In the main, these are functional emails for things like order receipts, sign-up confirmation, delivery notifications and the like but that's not to say they aren't an opportunity to remind your customers why they choose to engage with your business by delivering a highly polished brand experience.

Email marketing has many tangible benefits from being highly targeted, it's very cost efficient, will help to improve brand awareness, can generate leads, strengthen customer loyalty and more but...

The most impressive part of email marketing is the return on investment (ROI) that it can help to generate - a recent study by Litmus shows the for every $1 spent you could expect a return of $36 which is mightily impressive and probably cannot be matched by any other type of marketing!

Email marketing returns a fast response too and statistics show that more than 22% of people open emails within the first hour of it being sent.

Email marketing is without doubt one of the most cost-effective and conversion-rich methods for marketing any business. It helps smaller businesses to reach new customers and grow revenue on minimal budgets and it helps larger businesses generate leads and to engage customers at scale.

There's no doubt that putting together engaging email content is tough and it can be even more difficult knowing when to send it.

It's not uncommon to hear that people always open the emails they receive from their favourite brands. That loyalty provides you with huge potential to tap into an audience who are wiling to pay attention to your brand providing that you can create unique and impactful email campaigns.

Here are 10 examples of great email campaigns to give you some inspiration for creating your next killer email campaign.

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