Instiller 2021, a year in review

Firstly, we want to say a big thank you to the entire Instiller community for choosing to use our email marketing service – you guys are a brilliant bunch of email marketers that help us to build a better version of Instiller every single day.

This is the first time we’ve put together yearly review stats and we’re excited to share them with you as looking back it shows just how busy Instiller customers were even throughout another challenging year.

Our mail servers worked really hard

In 2021, Instiller customers in the UK, Europe and the US sent a total of 2.25 billion emails to people in many different countries across the world – that’s equivalent to 71 emails per second throughout the year!

Those emails were very well received with an average delivery rate of 97.27%, an average open rate of 21.44% and an average click rate of 14.71%.

  • 2,252,578,698 emails sent
  • 2,191,016,376 emails delivered
  • 469,831,058 emails opened
  • 69,094,602 emails clicked

Campaigns got a lot smarter

A total number of 270,062 email campaigns were sent in 2021 but they weren’t all just the regular old, pick a list and template type, with 3,786 A/B split tests being sent and a further 8,735 automated retargeting campaigns.

We’ve seen the use of automated retargeting grow in the last couple of years and we expect that trend to carry on growing into 2022 and beyond.

  • 270,062 email campaigns
  • 8,735 automated retargeting campaigns
  • 3,786 A/B split test campaigns

Uptake of marketing automation continued to grow

More than 50 million automated journeys were triggered through various sources such as landing pages, API, clicks on email links, Zapier and direct integration with a wide-range of other apps.

Those 50 million automated journeys were also responsible for sending just under 84 million emails (as well as doing lots of other cool stuff too).

  • 3,785 automation workflows created
  • 50,620,339 automation workflows triggered
  • 83,803,837 automation workflow emails sent

People got got busy with landing pages

Landing pages proved to very effective with an average view vs. submission rate of 26% – we knew that well designed landing pages can generate impressive results but even we were surprised by how high the average submission rate was.

  • 26.06% landing page submission rate
  • 1,507 landing pages created
  • 2,703,330 landing page views
  • 704,446 landing page submissions

A huge amount of data was imported

1.9 million list imports were process which resulted in more than 187 million new records being created and more than 5 billion existing contact records being updated.

  • 1,868,461 files imported onto Lists
  • 6,855,493,556 import file rows processed
  • 187,604,070 new contact records created through file imports
  • 5,827,889,486 existing contact records updated through file imports

Branded domains helped to build sender reputation

We helped to build our customers sender reputation and brand with 929 sending domains authenticated and secured with DKIM and SPF. A further 827 tracking domains for branded link click tracking and landing page display URLs.

  • 1,756 domains authenticated
  • 929 sending domains
  • 827 tracking domains

We worked hard to be reliable and dependable

We love what we do and we work hard to ensure that Instiller is a reliable service and is backed up by our knowledgeable and responsive team of experts.

Even taking into account a massive DDoS attack on our primary data centre provider in April 2021 we were still able to achieve overall uptime of 99.98%.

The average first response time on our help was 19 minutes and 97% of those help desk tickets were resolved within 2 hours.

  • 99.975% uptime
  • 19 minute average help desk first response time
  • 1,380 help desk tickets responded to

Thanks for being part of it

Another busy year has flown by and we couldn’t have done it without you and once again we just want to say a big thank you.

We keep on moving Instiller forward through continual development of our software and infrastructure to improve the service we provide and we’re excited about continuing to work with and for the plans we have for 2022.

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