Why white label email marketing is best for your agency

If you’re going to offer email marketing as a service, make it worth your while.

White label email marketing enables you to provide a premium service, for a premium price, at a cost that can be easily passed on to your clients.

Email marketing is still a widely used tactic by brands, thanks in no small part to its infamous value, generating businesses more than £32 for every £1 spent on it. It’s little wonder, then, that nearly three-quarters (73%) of marketers rate email as the number one digital channel for ROI.

But it has the potential to do even more for your clients. According to Econsultancy, email marketing receives only 10% of digital channel budgets, despite it providing excellent value for money.

A white label email platform allows you to easily create outstanding, eye-catching email marketing campaigns for your clients, which drive the right results for them and, in turn, drive more revenue for you.

What to look for in a white label email platform

When it comes to choosing the right white label email platform, there are a few things to look out for. But ultimately, you want the platform that’s going to drive the greatest value for your agency. Here are some things to bear in mind as you search for that perfect solution:

  • Ensure it’s unlimited
    In order to get the most bang for your buck, you need a solution that allows you to set up an unlimited number of accounts for clients, without any additional costs having to be incurred.
  • Get customising
    It’s much easier to sell a white label email service when you can tell your clients that all their emails can be fully branded for them.
  • Be secure
    Choose a service that is hosted in security patrolled, tier 1 UK data centres. This proves that they take security seriously, acting as reassurance for both you and your clients.
  • Avoid complex pricing structures
    Prioritise those providers who promise to make it easy for you to pass your costs onto the client (plus some).
  • Keep it simple
    Find a platform that enables you to manage all of your clients within one stylish and intuitive interface application. You don’t want the hassle of having to remember separate usernames and passwords for each of your clients.
  • Save time & resources
    Do more with less by letting automation do the work for you. With the right platform, you can create campaigns that automatically react to how subscribers engage with emails, websites and forms; nurturing them to become loyal customers. 

Make it your own

Once you’ve found the white label email platform that ticks all the boxes, it’s up to you how you resell it to your clients as a service.

Option one is to just let your clients use the chosen white label email platform themselves. All you need to do is to show them how it works and provide them with their own logins. It’s then up to them to decide how much value they want to derive from the system.

Option two is to offer a fully managed service, in which clients pay you to design, administer and report on their email campaigns, via the chosen white label email platform. This type of service clearly has the potential to bring in more revenue for your agency, but it could also mean more legwork, which is why it’s so important that you pick the right white label email platform.

Option three is somewhere in between – think one-off managed campaigns or email template design and wording.

You set your own pricing, based on the amount of work that you’ve done for your clients. If you want to charge a significant markup, that’s up to you…

With Instiller, there’s no complicated commission structure; we simply send you one monthly invoice and you’re free to charge your clients whatever you like and they pay you directly.

What’s more, activity for each of your clients is tracked so that you can easily produce reports and ensure revenue is maximised by charging them for everything they do.

The email marketing solution for agencies

The Instiller marketing platform for agencies provides a robust suite of tools to deliver a powerful campaign right out of the box.

Your clients will be up and running on day one, and will quickly and easily be able to create sophisticated, engaging email campaigns.


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