How will ‘White Label’ label benefit my agency?

The Instiller white label email marketing software gives you way more than the simple abilities of uploading a logo and changing a few colours.

We combine a wide range of powerful email campaign management features with a greater level of on-demand control that enables agencies to cut leads times when setting up and managing email marketing projects.

What is ‘White Label’?

Our solution has been designed specifically for agencies and that’s where the full extent of Instiller’s “White Label” features have been derived. Instiller lets you take more control and that makes it a lot easier for you to work with your clients. With the ability to do everything for your clients without having to send requests to us for changes to be made you’re able to work independently and react more responsively to time pressures.


Style the app into the look and feel of your brand. Choose a custom domain name for the control panel and individually customise the interface for each of your clients.

The importance of a branded control panel will vary between agencies but for the majority, and for those that give their clients a login to view reports or so they can use the solution as a self-service application, they regard the branding features as a fundamental requirement.

Client Management

Set-up and manage an unlimited number of clients. Create custom sending and click domains. Integrate using the API and control the features clients can access. Instiller provides complete control over client management along with the ability to configure changes quickly and easily. Set-up lead times are removed enabling your team to work efficiently and be more productive as a result.


Manage the Sender Reputation relating to all of your sending domains and IP addresses. Monitor SenderScore and blacklists using real-time reporting. Configure which IP addresses each of your clients use for delivery. The depth of information available and the extra level of control provided enables you to improve campaign planning and to reduce the impact of campaign delivery issues.

What makes Instillers version of ‘White Label’ unique is that it’s tailored to meet the specific needs of agencies and that is delivered with a support service from a team of experts.

The extensive range of features combined with branding management and a greater level of control gives agencies the freedom and flexibility to provide a professional and more complete email marketing service to clients.

Click here for a more detailed look at the features of Instiller.

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