Email platform for multiple clients

When investing in a new email platform, it pays to take the time to see exactly what it’s going to cost you. Crucially, you want some reassurance that you can use the software for multiple clients and not have to pay for every time you do the hard work of converting a lead into a sale.

As an agency, it’s vital that you’re aware of all the costs associated with a system. This way, you’ll know what to charge the client in order to make the profit you require from your email marketing services.

Listen carefully to the sales pitch

You need to be wary of email service providers (ESPs) who sell you on one price (probably the lowest monthly plan) knowing that you’ll end up paying a much higher one. At the point of sale, you might not know how many features you need or how many users are going to be using the platform.

Only when you come to use the software do you realise that the basic plan isn’t working for you (or your clients) and you need to upgrade. By then, you might’ve priced up your service and perhaps even sent out quotes to clients based on what you thought it was going to cost you – except now your costs have risen due to being forced into an upgrade.

To avoid having to upgrade before you’ve even got started, ask the ESP’s sales representative exactly what you’ll get included in each plan, so you can make an informed decision about how much of the platform you’ll need access to and how much it’s going to cost you.

Better still: find an email platform for agencies that takes an uncomplicated approach to pricing, so you know where you stand from the very start of the discussion.

Take a trial

A good way of working out what plan is best for you is to take a trial of the ESP’s software. Pretty much every ESP will offer you some sort of free trial. What they might do is offer you a free trial with all the features included and conveniently fail to mention that your trial is set up based on the top-priced plan.

Ideally, you want the trial to be an accurate representation of the platform as you would use it once you’re all signed up. Otherwise you might find yourself leaning on features that fall under ‘optional extra’, i.e. they will cost you (more) money.

The email marketing solution for agencies

With the Instiller email marketing solution for agencies, what you see is what you get. We don’t believe in optional extras.

You’ll get unlimited access to the platform. Create as many client accounts and upload as much data as you like, without incurring additional costs. You’ll also get as much support as you need throughout the length of your subscription – so if you have a question about our technology then ask away.

We take this approach because we’re geared towards agencies. In fact, our sole focus is to make Instiller work perfectly for agencies and to help them generate lots of revenue.

See for yourself. Take a free and unlimited 14 day trial of Instiller and discover how our solution could work for your agency.

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