The guide to email marketing for agencies

Email marketing is still very much alive and kicking. Every now and again, someone will come out and declare it “dead”, citing the recent EU-wide clampdown on privacy and data collection (GDPR). But the truth is that email marketing is still an extremely effective tool for brands.

While there’s plenty of life in email marketing yet, brands arguably have to work harder than ever to generate some real value from it.

We’ve all seen those stats on how email marketing puts other tactics in the shade when it comes to return on investment. So the stat goes, email marketing generates businesses more than £32 for every £1 spent on it. This has led nearly three-quarters (73%) of marketers to believe that email is the number one channel for ROI.

And who are we to tell them they’re wrong? All we’re saying is that they’re going to need to go the extra mile to get their subscribers to sit up and take notice. So, with a view to offering a best-in-market email marketing service, here’s a quick guide to producing the kind of results that make for loyal clients…

1. Create an email marketing strategy

Without wishing to teach you to suck eggs, a strategy not only shapes the path forward but helps ensure that both you and your clients are working with the same expectations in mind.

During strategy meetings, you can begin to understand your clients’ businesses and the opportunities they have – only then can you set goals that will help drive growth.

You’re asking for trouble if you just roll out a one-size-fits-all strategy for your clients, as it’ll lead to poorly designed email campaigns that fail to generate the sort of ROI that clients were expecting.

2. Provide a white-label email solution

Another way of driving loyalty (and results) is to invest in an email marketing tool that’s designed to bring in more leads for your clients, which can then be nurtured into paying customers.

When it comes to an email marketing solution for agencies, you can either go with a branded email service provider (ESP) or go down the route of white label. White label email marketing is considered to be a step on from branded ESPs because they allow you to adopt the platform as if it were you own – you can apply your own branding etc. Or you can customise it with logos and colours for each of your clients, so that they have their own white-label email marketing solution.

3. Design great emails

It goes without saying that your email marketing service needs to be able to guarantee great-looking emails, designed in the vision of you and your clients.

A lot of the time, that can depend on your design capabilities. If you don’t have an in-house designer, you’ll want to ensure your email marketing platform enables you (or your clients) to design engaging, eye-catching, responsive emails from scratch. There’s a strong argument for a design-made-easy platform even if you do have the design capabilities.

4. Consider the client’s audience

Each of your clients has a unique audience, with a unique customer journey. So, when you’re designing campaigns for clients, you need to take this into account and be capable of adjusting workflows accordingly.

White label email platforms make it easier to custom design workflows based on the customer journey of your client’s audience.

What’s more, the workflows can be automated, ensuring that those customers are delivered timely, relevant and highly personalised emails.

5. Deliver reports

One of the biggest benefits of email marketing is how measurable it is. This allows you to report back to your clients where you have had success and where there’s room for improvement.

It goes without saying, though, that you don’t want to have to spend lots of time manually generating client reports. The beauty of the best white label email marketing platforms is that they will do all the heavy lifting for you.

The email marketing solution for agencies

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