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Instiller vs. dotdigital

There’s lots of choice when it comes to ESPs and most of the services available are great – the big difference with Instiller is that we are the only ESP in the world that is dedicated just to agencies meaning everything we do is tailored around you.

Meet Instiller, we are a UK based ESP that is dedicated to agencies and our email marketing service provides all of the features you’ll need to provide a branded and professional service to your clients.

Compared against other well-known ESPs Instiller is, on average, 44% cheaper for agencies – for dotdigital, it’s 52%!

Simple pricing

dotdigital doesn’t display pricing on their website so we recently carried out some secret shopping and found that in comparison Instiller was 52% cheaper based on sending 150,000 emails each month across 6 accounts.

Instiller has no setup fee, all features are included as standard and we provide an expert help desk service. You’re free to create as many accounts as you need and there are no limits to the amount of data that can be uploaded.

Plus, our agency-only model means you’ll never be undercut. There’s no complicated commission structure, we simply send you one monthly invoice and you’re free to charge your clients whatever you like and they pay you directly.

100% White label

Instiller is 100% white label meaning there’s no mention of us and you can style UI so that it’s inline with the brand identify of your agency.

Your clients will never know, but if you do tell them you can still be confident that we’ll stick by our brand promise of only working with agencies.

Your clients are your own

We made Instiller for agencies and we’re dedicated to you guys. We want to help strengthen your client relationships and we do just that by sticking to our brand promise.

If you’re using dotdigital there’s nothing to stop your clients from cutting you out by going direct and signing up with their own account with dotdigital.

We’ll even let you know if any of your clients tries to cut you out and we’ll pass over any leads where we get direct enquires from brands.

No gated features & no limits

Not only are all feature included as standard we take it further by not setting limits meaning you can create…

  • Unlimited number of accounts
  • Unlimited logins for your team
  • Unlimited logins for your clients
  • Unlimited sending domains
  • Unlimited tracking domains
  • Unlimited amount of data

Our agencies also benefit from a continual stream of new and updated features – click here to explore all of the features included with Instiller.

Speedy help desk responses

Instiller is 100% owned, designed, developed and supported by us and it’s the only thing that we do meaning we’re completely focused on help our agencies.

When you ask a question you will always get an answer from an expert, and by that we a developer that has put countless hours into crafting Instiller into the best email marketing solution for agencies.

Response times are fast too and we aim to get back to your with a first response within 20 minutes.

We’ll help you migrate to Instiller

We understand that switching ESP needs to be given serious consideration and help agencies migrate to Instiller is an important part of what we do. We won’t rush you and we’re more than happy to get involved in any way that helps you.

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Take a free & unlimited 14 day trial of Instiller and discover
how our solution could work for your agency.

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