How to customise your email marketing service for each client

A successful client/agency relationship depends on the service you provide them. They come to you because they trust your email marketing expertise, but to nurture that relationship, you need to be tailoring your services to each client.

By providing a dedicated, personalised service, you will create a foundation that’s built to last. So how do you go about customising your email marketing service for each client?

Take a look at our 5 top tips below!

1. Collaborate on each campaign

Communicating with each client every step of the way is important. You both need to agree on clear and measurable goals from the offset, so that you can have shared expectations for each marketing campaign. That’s where collaboration comes in. The best client/agency relationships happen when both parties work together as a team.

Before each major email campaign, set up ‘kick off’ meetings so that you can both discuss ideas as a team. By speaking to your clients about each campaign, you’ll find out company insights that could be important to the success of the campaign. You need to be acting as an extension of their in-house team, rather than a separate entity. A kick off meeting will set the expectations of the campaign, and give you more affirmed ideas for the project.

2. Tailor emails to match their brand

When a new client comes to you for your email marketing service, it’s protocol to do your research and find out brand guidelines, language, tone and style. Once you’ve got all this information, you’ll then be able to effectively tailor their emails, to match their brand. That’s why with our white label email marketing service, we give you the tools to be able to do this.

Our template builder gives you the ability to create different templates for each client. The drag and drop feature makes it so easy for you to design email’s however you like — without having to worry about a code. Once you’ve got the colours and logo ready, you can easily add in copy that will match the client’s tone of language. The template works on all devices and content can be edited quickly, in case of last minute changes or broken links.

Don’t forget to run Litmus tests before sending out your campaign, to see how the email template will look on each device.

3. Find out which features they need

Each client is different, and when you start to manage their email marketing, you’ll soon find out that priorities will change from client to client. One of your client’s priority might be to always autopost each campaign to their social feed, where-as another client may want to keep this separate in their marketing. By discovering discovering which features are important to your clients, you can tailor them to match their marketing needs.

That’s why we specifically tailor our product to agencies. We know that some clients will need social promotions, some may need automated sales messages, and others may want to identify customers who are abandoning their shopping carts and send out re-engagement emails.

We offer all of our features as standard, to give you the ability to turn them on and off, depending on your clients needs.

4. Make them feel included

As mentioned above, it’s important to collaborate with your clients so that everyone has clear direction for each campaign. You should strive to include them at every stage and a great way to do this is to provide them with their own login to their email templates. This way, they can get a clear outline of what you intend to do with each email — and if necessary they can make changes. This will help with communication, it will improve productivity and create a better working relationship.

At Instiller we know only too well that your clients may want to get access to the email builder — and that’s why we will provide you with an unlimited number of logins. You can control account access, so they can see only what they need to see, and collaborate with clients when needed.

5. Provide continued support

Offering your continued support to each client is another great way to maintain a good relationship. If you don’t already have one, think about setting up a project manager so that your clients can speak to you directly about each campaign. This will help with communication and agree on a schedule for each email campaign.

In addition to support, you need to be providing them with monthly reports on how well each campaign is going. Don’t worry though, we’ll provide you with the metrics you need to do this. You can integrate our email builder with various reporting, CRM, analysis and tracking tools, meaning that you get the insights you need, so that you can put together a custom report for each client. This will help both you and the client discover what’s working and what isn’t


As you can see, if you want to show your clients that you value their business then you need to be customising everything you do to their needs. This may sound like a time-consuming task, but with our features and easy-to-use email builder, you can do this effortlessly.

So contact us to find out more, or put us to the test and start your free trial today!

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