How to choose an email marketing platform for my agency

When it comes to choosing an email platform that’s fit for your agency, it’s vital that you pick the right one, as it will form the basis of your email marketing service.

Ultimately, the software will be a reflection of your agency. If it doesn’t allow you to deliver the email campaigns you wanted it to, your clients won’t just question the platform, they’ll question your agency’s decision-making ability.

On the flip-side, the right email marketing platform will enable you to deliver stunning campaigns that generate the kind of results that keep clients coming back for more.

When it comes to choosing an email marketing platform for your agency, then, consider these five questions, which will lead you to the perfect piece of software…

1. What features are included as standard?

You’ve trialed the software, you like how it performs and you find it easy to use. What you now need to find out is how many of the features you’ve just been using will be available in the plan you want to buy.

What you want to hear is “everything is included as standard”, but most email service providers will make you pay top dollar for the best features.

There are a few exceptions to the rule, however, who will give you everything for a single price.

2. How difficult is it to design great emails?

Another way to judge an email marketing platform is by how easy it is to design great emails. If you need a degree in graphic design to be able to come up with something that looks semi-decent, you could run into all sorts of problems.

The software needs to be accessible for users of all knowledge levels and technical ability. Users need to feel like they can create emails exactly how they want they to look, in as quick a time as possible.

Look out for those platforms which advertise drag and drop email design, which make it impossible to create anything less than spectacular.

3. Can you resell the platform to clients?

If you’re interested in making money without having to do a great deal, then you want an email platform that you can sell on to your clients.

Some ESPs will allow you to sell their system (as if it were your own) at a cost that suits you.

How you decide to support the platform is also up to you – you can offer anything from a plug-in-and-play to a fully-managed service.

4. Can I expect additional costs if my client base increases?

When you’re producing visually-attractive, effective email campaigns, there’s a good chance that, through word of mouth, you’ll attract new clients who want you to do the same for them.

So, when sourcing your email marketing platform, you want some reassurance that you can use the software for multiple clients and not have to pay for every time you do the hard work of converting a lead into a sale.

If you’re given unlimited access to the platform, the more clients you sign up, the more profit you’ll make.

5. Is support freely available?

Every piece of software requires a level of support. At the outset, you’ll need some support to get the grips with the new system. But you might also have a technical question a month or year into using the system.

You want some reassurance that you’re going to get all the support you need, quickly and easily, so that you there’s no interruption in your email marketing service or any inconvenience for your clients.

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