The best email platform for marketing agencies

As an email marketing agency, there are certain things that you need to look for in an email marketing platform that others don’t.

It goes without saying that it needs to be easy to use whilst allowing you to deliver outstanding email campaigns that provide the kinds of results that keep clients loyal. But it needs to have a few more strings to its bow for you to invest in it.

It’s important that you’re across all the ‘extra’ things that makes an email marketing platform the best one that money can buy. Ultimately, it’ll act as the basis for your email marketing service – to some extent, everything else hinges on it.

If you pick the right one, you have the basis for a premium service, which can be offered for a premium price – driving value for both you and your clients.

So, what are the qualities that only the best email marketing platforms possess?

1. Unlimited usage

Most email service providers will sell you a tiered subscription. For example, Plan A will give you the basic features, moving up to Plan D where you get everything.

That’s all well and good, but you’re almost forced into going for the most expensive package just in case one of your clients requests something more technical. Where does that leave you when it comes to pricing your service?

Some email platforms, however, will include everything for one price. In fact, the best ones will ensure all features and support are included as standard, and not charge you for the privilege of setting up their software in your suite of systems.

Look out for the phrase ‘no hidden costs’.

2. Limitless accounts

As well as complete access to the platform, you also want a solution that allows you to set up an unlimited number of accounts for clients, without any additional costs having to be incurred.

You can then start to take this view: the more clients, the greater the profit you’ll make. If you’re charged for every new client you sign up to the platform, it’ll add to your costs and eat into your profit.

Turning leads into clients doesn’t come cheap or easy – the best platforms get this.

3. Resell-ability

Not all email service providers will allow you to resell their software to your clients. White label email marketing platforms will, however, which opens up a whole stream of revenue for your agency.

Once you’ve found a platform that does allow reselling, it’s up to you how you go about it. You can either let your clients use the chosen white label email platform themselves (after you’ve shown them how it works) or offer a fully managed service in which clients pay you to design, administer and report on their email campaigns.

Either way, you can be making good money through reselling.

4. Simplicity

Don’t judge an email marketing platform by its features alone – they need to be simple and user-friendly, otherwise both you and the clients you’ve resold the system to will experience some unwanted friction with it.

So, when it comes to designing campaigns, you want a system that will allow users to design great-looking, responsive emails from scratch without ever having to see a line of code. Likewise, if you or your clients want to run a report for a campaign, to provide insights for future efforts, the email platform should be doing all the hard work for you.

These things can be tested in a trial. If you don’t manage to get to grips with it in the time they give you, walk away.

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