Bring customers back with automated basket abandonment emails

Ecommerce is huge business and every day around 75% of online shoppers drop their basket before checking out.

That’s way too many potential customers and revenue lost to be conformable with but the good news is, it’s easy to do something about that.

Salesforce data show that 60% of shoppers who received personalised content after abandoning their shopping basket returned and made a purchase.

Using automation, the potential is there to tap into that 60% of online shoppers but first you need to think about how you’re going to do that.

We’ve got you covered here and we’ve done some research and gathered examples from around the web but before you get onto taking inspiration from those let’s talk about a few of the basic ingredients of enticing basket abandonment reminder emails.

1) Get the timing right

Sending too quickly looks a bit desperate but wait too long and the opportunity will be missed. 

Wait 30 to 60 minutes and then send a reminder and if they haven’t come back within 24 hours – may be even send another gentle reminder after that.

2) Be creative with the subject line

Get straight to the point but don’t be afraid of using a bit of personality. A subject line that grabs attention  will definitely increase the chances of people opening and clicking on the email bringing them back your website where their shopping basket of contents awaits them.

You may even want to slide in an offer of free delivery or a discount for a time-limited period to hurry them along.

3) Put the items in the shop window 

Include all the information about the product or products in their basket. Images, description, sizes, colour, price and make them clickable to that they link back to the product pages on your website.

People may not completely remember all of the details of what was in their basket when they left your website and reminding them is not only useful, it will also make your reminder email look stylish and completely personalised.

4) Include a big button

You’ve written a subject line that has compelled them to open the email and you’ve reminded them of exactly what’s in their basket and now all you need is one simple call-to-action to make them click through into your website.

5) Don’t waffle

The email probably landed at the perfect time and the sole objective is to remind and encourage a click. Avoid lots of copy, be persuasive but keep it short and keep the recipient focused on that big button.

You can customise all of these things to what works best for you and here’s those examples to help you along the way.


Not the best subject line we’ve ever seen but the design is clean, copy is straight to the point, there’s one big call-to-action and when you click through you end up with a Spurs shirt – what more could you want!?

Nike - Basket Abandonment Email


Another clean design that looks smart using a subject line and copy that’s very positive and well thought out. One clear call-to-action is the theme here to!

This first email arrives within 30 minutes of leaving their site with products in the basket – they also send the same email 48 hours later if you’ve still not checked out.

Castore - Basket Abandonment


This one is clever as it’s cranking up the pressure by letting you know the item is only going to be reserved for 10 days so don’t miss out.

It’s also nice that they’ve snook in a little bit of personalisation onto the subject line.

They’re also promoting free returns and other ways to pay in an attempt to get the sale.

Adidas basket abandonment

Joseph Joseph

Products so nice they had to name them twice! Prominent display of free delivery and backed up with the credibility of a 2 year guarantee. 

Same thing with the clear call-to-action. I think we’re onto to something here ;0)

Joseph Joseph basket abandonment

Get The Label

I was planning on leaving this one out but I think it serves as a good example for how important testing is. Everything was very nearly perfect but 2 broken images is definitely going to hurt the performance of this email in terms of the number of people who don’t click because of the way the email looks.

GetTheLabel basket abandonment

Next steps…

Now it’s over to you and time to get some automation in place and work towards recovering some of those lost sales.

As you can see from these 5 examples, they’re all very similar and we’re also pretty confident it’d be safe to assume that they’re very effective at bringing back customers to complete their purchases too!

Nothing starts off perfectly so don’t be afraid to try things out then review and refine as you go. You’ll soon find a recipe that works perfectly for your business.

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