6 amazing B2B and B2C email marketing campaigns

It’s no accident that the best email marketing campaigns are also the ones that are the most creative, strategic, innovative, personalised, and targeted.

You use email marketing to attract clients and they use it to grow their business. It’s crucial that every message hits the mark.

But it’s not easy. The right words escape us, we have no idea about email length or structure, and let’s not get started on email design…

If this sounds familiar, don’t despair. All you need is some inspiration. Here’s a list of some of the best B2B and B2C email marketing campaigns that cut through the noise and pack a real punch.

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B2C email campaigns

Here’s our pick of B2C email marketing campaigns that would make any of us sit up and take notice.

1 Uber: Simple, concise, and a clear CTA

When it comes to email marketing, Uber doesn’t tend to beat around the bush. Emails get straight to the point, with brief text, a clear CTA, and tasteful design. Recipients who are short on time can skip straight to the message, while those wanting to find out more can click on the link.

B2C Email Marketing Campaign - Uber: Simple, concise, and a clear CTA

2 Legacybox: Promote your promotions

Like many other brands, Legacybox wants to boost engagement and revenue. It does this by creating email marketing campaigns centred around promotions for recipients. Let’s face it, people love a good offer and Legacybox grabs their attention from the off by including incentives in the subject line.

B2C Email Marketing Campaign - Legacybox: Promote your promotions

3 Buzzfeed: Deliver awesome, engaging content

Buzzfeed’s newsletters are a great source of traffic for the brand. Jam-packed with fabulous content, the subject lines and previews make you want to open the email right away. From cooking hacks and tips on mindfulness to the day’s biggest news stories, it’s all there in a handy newsletter format.

B2C Email Marketing Campaign - Buzzfeed: Deliver awesome, engaging content

B2B email marketing campaigns

Here’s a few of our favourite B2B email marketing campaigns that make us want to read, click, share and recommend the brand.

4 Intuit: Make updates more personal

In B2B marketing it’s good to remind clients about important information or statistics they can get from you. Intuit wanted to remind its clients to check their credit score and got that message right in front of their eyes thanks to its simple, personal messaging.

B2B Email Marketing Campaign - Intuit: Make updates more personal

5 Twitter: Create curiosity

This email sent by Twitter is a great example of how to grab attention. By kicking off with ‘people are talking about you on Twitter’, it’s immediately provoking curiosity in a non-intrusive way. The email also serves to highlight just how easy it is for clients to manage their Twitter account from a desktop or mobile app.

B2B Email Marketing Campaign - Twitter: Create curiosity

6 Freelancer: Highlight the full range of your services

B2B emails are an effective way to introduce your clients to your entire service offering. This email sent by Freelancer to its business clients runs through everything its platform offers to make life easier. It also includes a fun image so the email is not entirely text-based – always a smart move.

B2B Email Marketing Campaign - Freelancer: Highlight the full range of your services

We could go on…

There are plenty of examples of email marketing campaigns that will help you use email marketing to engage clients and boost sales.

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