Are you thinking about switching to a new ESP?

Moving away from your current email marketing service provider is probably something you’d rather avoid when you think of the potential headaches and interruptions to service that could arise.

In our experience, using a well thought out process, the switch can be implemented quickly and without issue when approached and managed properly.

If you’ve outgrown the feature set of your current provider, you’re not happy with the level of service or support or you’re looking to make use of newer and more innovative features then taking the confident step to change to Instiller can be smoother and a whole lot easier than you might think.

It’s unlikely that a decision to switch to any ESP would be taken lightly but here are five considerations that could help make the decision of switching to Instiller easier to get comfortable with.

1. Set-up

Our solutions can be up and running within 48 hours and all it really takes is for a domain to be registered and for a few DNS entries to be entered with your registrar.

Every business is different and will have it’s own specific considerations on what it takes to get a project moving internally but in our experience there’s no reason why Instiller solutions can’t be up and running in a matter of days.

2. Content & Data

All ESPs have different ways of displaying personalisation, placing dynamic content, implementing web metrics tracking and making use of other template features so there’s always going to be changes needed in your email templates.

Whether you’re moving from dotMailer, Mailchimp, Cheetahmail, ExactTarget or any other ESP the process of making your email templates compatible with Instiller is simple and easy because of the extensive range of design, testing and validation features built-in to the solution.

We’re able to provide help and advice with migrating data from other ESPs to Instiller. We’ll work with your team to ensure we fully understand how you manage your data and where you take your data feeds from.

3. Integration

Integration is our comfort zone and working together with integration requirements and existing re-integration considerations is an area we’re experts in.

Our team will work with your developers to ensure they have everything needed and that nothing is overlooked.

4. Deliverability

Once we understand more about your emailing requirements and the service you provide to your clients we’re then able to advise on the best way to approach delivery from our solution.

Sending domains from your old solutions can be transferred. There’s shared and dedicated IP address options that can be managed across your clients from within the solution and there’s a built-in reputation monitor to health check everything delivery related and can reporting on Return Path SenderScore.

Our mail servers are configured to your delivery ramp-up plan and the level of detail in campaign reports provide real-time analysis and insight into delivery is used to customise delivery and increase performance.

5. Usability, Training & Support

We’ve been constantly designing and developing Instiller since 2004 and main our aim has always been to make the solution as feature rich and as easy to use as possible. Training is provided from the start and we frequently provide refresher session to deal with team changes and project requirements.

Extensive online documentation provides an instant resource, we stay in-touch with regular emails to keep you updated and our support desk is managed by the development team so that you can be confident an expert is there to help when needed most.

A seamless and painless switch

In short, when you’re thinking about switching to Instiller identifying all areas of impact is the right thing to do and using our tried and tested approach makes the process a seamless and painless one to complete.

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