Advantages of white label email marketing for agencies

In a market of intense competition like digital marketing, agencies need to be open to solutions that can extend their existing services and provide greater value to their clients.

White label email marketing can also help drive a greater profit for your agency, by enabling you to create better email marketing campaigns for clients, via a platform that can be resold time and time again at a significant markup.

What’s not to like?

Proving your value to clients

Every agency likes to think they’re indispensable to their best clients – then they go and sign with another agency once contract renewal comes around.

The key to driving client loyalty in these times of hyper competitiveness is to make it difficult for them to find what you provide elsewhere. The more you keep adding value to your offering, the less likely they are to have their heads turned at contract renewal.

White label email marketing is a great way of doing that; not only does it add another string to your bow, it can bring in more leads for your clients, which can then be nurtured into paying customers.

Ultimately, client loyalty always boils down to return on investment, and the right white label email platform can mean more profit for them (and for you, too).

Great design made easy

The best white label email platforms enable you (or your clients) to design engaging, eye-catching, responsive emails from scratch without ever having to see a line of code.

You can easily create templates in the vision of you and your clients, whether that’s via an existing wireframe or a custom design that can be reused time and time again once it’s been perfected.

With Instiller’s white label email solution, it’s just a case of dragging and dropping the different design elements onto the page. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Customisable customer journeys

White label email marketing platforms also make it easier to custom design workflows based on the customer journey of your client’s audience.

What’s more, the workflows can be automated, ensuring that those customers are delivered timely, relevant and highly personalised emails.

Everything in one place

An advantage of white label email marketing unique to agencies is that the platform will enable you to manage all of your clients in the same interface application. You don’t have to log in and out of different accounts to switch between your different clients, meaning you can work with optimum efficiency.

With Instiller’s white label email solution, you can set up an unlimited number of accounts for clients and individually customise the branding and features setup for each one.

You can also create as many in-house logins as you like – all with their own individual permissions that tally with the projects your team is working on.

Rebrand and resell

As well as the ability to customise the branding and features of a white label email platform, you can also resell it to your clients, for a price of your choosing.

How you decide to support the platform is also up to you – you can offer anything from a plug-in-and-play to a fully-managed service.

As you go about reselling Instiller, you can be assured that we will support you all the way. We’re always looking to add further value to our white label email platform, be it through seamless integration with other apps or new design templates.

All that’s left for you to do is to prove your value to your clients.

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