5 reasons why Instiller is the perfect email marketing solution for agencies

When we’re talking to people about our email marketing solution we regularly get asked what makes Instiller different to other ESPs and whilst it’s difficult to be different purely on a features basis these days (because we all have very similar feature sets) there is one thing that sets us apart.

We designed Instiller for, and only work with, agencies and that really works for both sides.

For us, it means we can focus on a much smaller segment of the email marketing world and fine tune everything and for agencies Instiller makes the management of lots of clients much quicker, easier and more profitable for them.

There’s lots of other reasons why agencies love to use Instiller but here’s just 5 really good ones…

We won’t steal your customers

“Steal” is a strong word but however it’s phrased we’ll always stick by our brand promise that we only work with agencies.

Client relationships are vitally important and removing the threat of competing for the same business is only ever a good thing and we want you to retain existing customers and win new business, not help you to lose them!

We don’t want to be in competition with our agencies so that’s never going to change.

Everything is branded

Branding Instiller to match the identity of your agency is a good way of helping clients feel like they’re using a more customised email marketing solution.

It may not be the last word in making your clients ‘sticky’ but it’s definitely going to make them feel like you’ve created something just for them – especially when you’ve set account logos and colours to match their businesses branding so that when they log in it looks familiar and they know they’re in the right place.

…and without getting into specifics, you can also create an unlimited number of custom sending and click tracking domains for each of your clients.

We talk the same language

The thing we’re most proud of is that we design, develop and support every part of Instiller. Not only does this give us more control but it allows us to deploy incremental changes without any restriction.

Our agencies benefit from this too when it comes to support because when we get questions or need to give advice it means they’re getting a response from someone that’s part of the development team and really understands the finer details.

Agencies are full of talented creative and technical people so being able to talk on the same level speeds things up and helps them to provide a much better service to their clients.

All features are included as standard

We include all of our features and then you decide who sees what. If you want to charge clients on a feature-usage basis then that’s no problem but if you don’t then that’s cool too.

A key point about getting all of the features as standard means it’s much easier to predict costs and to work within client budgets whilst still making healthy profits on the email marketing service you’re providing – after all, that’s what it’s all about in the end!

Our pricing is simple

We don’t like the word “cheap” but Instiller is very competitively priced when you consider total costs. We don’t charge a setup fee, all features are included as standard, there’s no limits on the number of clients and log ins and you can upload as much data as you like.

Something we hear often is that other solutions actually end up being really expensive because of granular pricing. What sounds low-cost at first can end up being really expensive in the end.

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