5 valuable reasons why digital agencies choose Instiller

Email marketers are spoilt for choice when it comes to the vast array of great email marketing solutions on offer today.

You may be familiar with the likes of Campaign Monitor, dotMailer and Active Campaign, and it’s fair to say we look very similar in terms of features and pricing. What makes Instiller different, however, is that it’s the only email marketing solution designed specifically for agencies. What does that mean exactly? Let us show you with our top five reasons why digital agencies love Instiller:

1. ALL features and support are included in one simple monthly cost

It’s important for us to know that we give our agencies everything they need to provide the best possible service, without having to be concerned about budget-breaking additional costs.

We’ve always included every feature as standard. This means unlimited clients, unlimited data storage and support are included. We believe this gives agencies a competitive edge – with the additional freedom and flexibility to tailor projects to each individual client.

The only variation is the choice of monthly volume which our customers can review periodically if they need more or less.

2. More control means no waiting on us

Being in full control of the solution is a real benefit to agencies as it massively reduces lead times in relation to things like setting up clients and creating ‘Sent From’ addresses.

We’re always there to help when needed, but in our experience Instiller users quickly become experts and often prefer to do what’s required themselves.

3. Supported by the experts that built the solution

That being said, we’re around whenever our customers need us. We designed and developed Instiller from scratch and provide all the support from right here in the UK. It makes complete sense to us that you’re going to want to speak to someone who knows what they’re talking about when you’ve got an urgent question or issue.

4. It’s your solution, you’re not just an email marketing reseller

Instiller is white label and that means clients don’t ever need to know about us. From a commercial point of view we’ve kept it simple: we charge you, you charge your clients.

Our view is that we shouldn’t be setting pricing for your clients and that’s why we don’t pay commission.

What we provide is priced low enough for agencies to be able to set pricing and make considerable margins on every part of the service they deliver.

5. Did we mention it’s the only email marketing solution designed specifically for agencies?

There are other white label email marketing software solutions available, but they will sell directly to your clients which basically puts them in competition with you. We don’t do that, we only provide our solution to agencies.

It’s perfect for us because we get to work with brilliant, creative and technical agency people. And it’s good for you because it strengthens the relationships you have with your clients.

Instiller provides agencies with one professional, easy to use email marketing solution that’s feature-rich, branded and can be individually customised for each client.

If your digital agency wants to take a closer look at Instiller then please get in touch because we’d love to show you our solution.

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