21 of the best email marketing resources

Email campaigns can be tough, especially when you’ve got so many different clients to impress. The good news is that there are plenty of blogs, guides, articles and tools to help you out, it’s just a case of finding them all in one place.

So that’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of email marketing resources to help make your job a little bit easier….

Blogs to follow

1. Display Block

We love this blog because it offers awesome content all about email marketing. They cover everything from b2b best practices, email campaigns, responsive design and landing pages, so check it out!

2. Inbox Junky

This a great blog to follow if you’re interested in designing beautiful emails. The blogger has plenty of email design experience under her belt and offers expert tips, industry advice and plenty of ‘how-to’ posts.

3. Litmus Blog

Our email platform is integrated with Litmus and their blog is definitely worth following to get tips on how you can test your emails.. They also offer industry news on the latest software updates and how to run successful campaigns.

4. ActionRocketLabs

This is a blogging community that is dedicated to email marketing. The bloggers like to discuss new ideas and interesting email methods. So if you want to join in the email discussion then this community is for you.

5. Beautiful email newsletters

Here is a blog that is packed full of inspiration. Keep up to date with the pros to see what they are doing for their latest email campaigns.

Handy tutorials

6. How to write emails that sell

The copy in your email is pretty important in getting people to click-through, which is why this tutorial looks at ways that you can write copy that sells.

7. Getting started with Sass in email

This is a great skill to learn as it can give you a better and more functional way of writing CSS. Take a look at this simple tutorial with step-by-step examples to find out how to do it.

8. Using video and email together

Video is one of the easiest ways to get your message across instantly, so your clients will no doubt want you to include a video from time to time. This blog gives you instructions on how you can do it.

9. How to handle an unsubscribe with style, class and a little Sass

Nobody likes to see an unsubscribe but this blog offers examples on how other brands handle people who want to unsubscribe. It makes for an interesting read so take a look!

Cool templates

10. Grunt Email Boilerplate

This template offers plenty of features including image optimisation, SCSS stylesheets, HTML templates with EJS and environment specific code blocks.

11. Cerberus

Here you’ll find patterns for responsive HTML emails that will support email providers including Outlook, Android and Gmail.

Thought-provoking articles

12. 23 tips for HTML email development

These 23 tips are genuinely really useful so take a look and implement them into your next email campaign!

13. Smart quotes for smart people

No this isn’t a blog with profound quotes from email wizards – it’s a handy post on how to code for quotation marks and apostrophes. Check it out for a lesson in grammar, typography and code!

14. 100 epic email marketing statistics

If you ever need to prove to somebody just how worthwhile email marketing is then this is the blog for you. With 100 powerful stats, you can’t go wrong.

15. Can email be responsive?

This one looks at how important is to design a responsive email. It offers html tips, and examples of what code you need to use for images and text.

Useful tools

16. Web developer extension

This web developer extension will help you add various developer tools to a browser. It’s available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

17. Image-to-table converter

Want a way to convert an image into a HTML table? Then check out this really easy to use platform to help you do just that.

18. Sublime Text

This is a comprehensive text editor for code. It’s packed with cool features such as a distraction free mode, split editing and a functional command palette.

People to follow

19. Email Chic Geek

Sharon is an email developer and loves to offer useful tips to the email marketing industry. She brings up interesting ideas so is definitely worth a follow.

20. Elliot Ross

This is the guy who invented ActionRocket that we talked about above. Follow him for email marketing posts and inspiration.

21. Instiller

Yep that’s right, we included ourselves – don’t think too badly of us! Give us a follow and you can expect to see more useful blog articles like this one.

So there you have it, our top 20 email marketing resources. Do you have anymore that you’ve found useful? Be sure to let us know!

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