Using drip marketing campaigns to increase sales

Like Chinese water torture, drip marketing campaigns are most effective over long periods. You might not notice anything at first, but eventually, they work. 

This article introduces you to drip marketing and how to use it to build a robust sales pipeline. We’ll show you diverse examples and how to set up your campaign in record time. 

What is drip email marketing?

Drip email marketing is a sales technique that involves sending your prospects a sequence of marketing emails over several days or weeks automatically. Brands use it to gain progressively more interest in their goods or services in the hope of increasing conversions. Figures suggest these campaigns can increase sales opportunities by as much as 20%

Why use a drip email campaign?

Brands use drip email campaigns for several reasons. These include:-

  • Improving lead nurturing and encouraging more customers to come forward, pay, and benefit from services
  • Reducing the resources allocated to marketing, freeing them for other projects
  • Generating data-driven insights using supportive analytical software to improve long-term marketing efforts
  • Increasing conversion rates and revenues
  • Making it easier to personalise your marketing campaign
  • Attaining your marketing goals, such as cross-selling, up-selling, or improving customer engagement with your brand. 

In general, drip email marketing helps enterprises conserve resources while gaining significant customer traction. Aside from the writing, this type of marketing is essentially free once you have an email list in place. 

Email drip campaign examples

Of course, a theoretical understanding of drip marketing is not enough. That’s why we’ve included several examples of these types of campaigns in action. 


Travelzoo is a holiday deal aggregator offering vacationers massive discounts on trips. The brand thrives on making a commission for each traveller who books something through them, which is why it focuses on email marketing. 

Every so often, it offers a new best-ever deal and shares this with its email subscribers. Prospects can then click a call to action to book their trip, as shown in this example.

The purpose of this drip campaign is to shower customers with deals after they sign up, encouraging them to act on their desires and start travelling. The email is clever because it offers exclusive special deals on trips not available to the public. 

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is another excellent example of drip email marketing done right. It serves people who want someone else to organise their wardrobe for them. The brand sells a range of premade closets based on customers’ initial preferences (such as wearing tight or baggy clothes). It then automatically generates a unique matching garment collection customers can enjoy every day of the week. 

The company’s drip marketing is pretty sophisticated. First, notice the social proof at the top of the email. Visitors can click through to Trustpilot and check the rating. 

Also, observe the relevance of the “New-season style, sorted” title. That’s what customers want: someone to organise their clothes for them. Finally, there is the call-to-action, “Book a Fix.” This phrase is unique but complements the brand perfectly. 


Lastly, we have Dermatica, a skincare and medical products brand. 

Dermatica’s drip marketing email has a different emphasis from the previous two. Instead of straight-up selling, it provides users with content that encourages them to use the brand’s products. 

You can see this in the following section of the email below:-

Each question encourages the reader to purchase sunscreen. Dermatica points out that sunscreen is necessary, regardless of the weather or even if a person uses SPF makeup. 

How to set up a drip campaign?

Setting up a drip campaign is pretty straightforward if you have the right tools. 

  1. Choose A Trigger

The first step is to consider what will trigger your drip campaign. It could be:-

  • Subscribing to your email list
  • Signing up for a course
  • Buying a specific product
  • A customer’s birthday
  1. Define Who Will Receive Emails

Next, consider who will receive drip emails. Will everyone get them? Or just people who spend more than a pre-set sum of money? 

  1. Build Your Emails

After that, you need to build your emails. Decide on a sequence and create the content. Ensure all emails are consistent with your brand, 

  1. Measure And Adjust Your Emails

Finally, check if your emails are performing. Engage in A/B testing to see which format, timings, and content work best.

Start using drip marketing

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