7 Lead magnet marketing ideas

Attention is the new gold. 

But as with the shiny yellow metal, it can be hard to get. You need to know what you’re doing. 

That’s where this post helps. We explore top lead magnet marketing ideas available today to help you grab more customers and drum up business. 

No gimmicks – we promise. 

What is a lead magnet funnel

The phrase “lead magnet” sounds like marketing jargon – and it is. But it also makes sense when you break it down. 

Here’s a simple definition: 

A lead magnet is a marketing device that attracts potential customers by offering them something valuable in exchange for their contact information and attention

For instance, lead magnets could be templates, reports, or quizzes. (More on these later). 

Getting more technical, a lead magnet is an email marketing funnel consisting of multiple steps that guide the prospects from the awareness stage to the purchase stage and beyond. High-quality strategies should build loyalty and trust. 

Why do you need a lead generation magnet?

Brands need lead-generation magnets for several reasons. 

Most importantly, lead magnets educate your prospects and help them overcome their objections. They push them past their pain points and convert. 

Lead magnets also generate opportunities to become an established authority in your field. Done correctly, you can build significant credibility. 

Lastly, lead magnets help you qualify prospects. You can put the right leads into the correct funnels for specific products and services. 

What makes a good lead magnet design

Figuring out a good lead magnet design is the most challenging part of the process. Many entrepreneurs understand these marketing devices in the abstract, but practising such concepts can prove elusive. 

In our view, an effective lead magnet should:-

  • Meet audiences where they are and address their pain points
  • Suit your audience and the types of products and services you offer
  • Have a catchy title and compelling description
  • Be made according to high production values using state-of-the-art tools and approaches
  • Be visually attractive
  • Come with clear calls to action
  • Be trackable and measurable over time

Lead magnet ideas

Unsplash – CC0 License

Getting lead magnets right helps you generate more leads, grow your email list, and increase conversions. It’s something all big brands use to succeed.

This section lists compelling lead magnet marketing ideas with proven track records. Pick the ones that suit your brand. 

A free ebook that solves a problem

Writing an ebook that solves a problem for your target audience is a great lead magnet idea. For example, you might use it to:-

  • Help people lose weight
  • Solve a particular problem with their car
  • Learn how to photograph birds
  • Advance in their careers
  • Have better relationships

Once you provide this value upfront, people are more likely to trust you. Then, you can lead them to the next stage, such as buying a product, service, or consultancy call. 

A cheat sheet or checklist for achieving a specific goal

Another idea is to write a cheat sheet or checklist that helps your prospective customers achieve a specific goal or task. Again, it’s a form of guidance that provides value upfront. 

Good examples include:-

  • A checklist for replacing spark plugs on a car
  • A method for creating healthy dishes at home using whatever ingredients you have to hand
  • Instructions for modifying a product or getting more value out of it
  • Help with DIY tasks
  • Advice for attracting a spouse or partner

A webinar that teaches a skill

Webinars are also a lead generation magnet because they let your audience get to know you and your team (if you have one). You also have plenty of space to teach a specific skill. 

For instance, you could use a webinar to:-

  • Educate people on how to manage their finances and investment portfolios
  • Capture better videos for their YouTube channel
  • Improve their accountancy skills
  • Learn how to identify and treat skin conditions in their children

When it comes to teaching a skill, the sky’s the limit. However, always leave room for paid products and services where you go deeper and provide even more value. 

A quiz or assessment

Quizzes and assessments are also great lead magnets because people love learning more about themselves and their needs. 

Good examples include:-

  • A dental questionnaire to learn more about a specific cosmetic treatment
  • A dating agent quiz to find out more about a client’s personality and what type of partner would suit them
  • A questionnaire designed to help website visitors find the right holiday let or vacation home for their needs
  • A questionnaire from a legal firm to learn more about a client to provide a quote

Discount codes and coupons

You can also use discount codes and coupons as lead magnets. Most prospective customers aren’t usually willing to hand over their hard-earned money the first time they encounter you online. However, they will sometimes pay on impulse if you offer money off or a cheap rate. 

Once they buy, you can build trust and upsell them on other products and services. Many clients will return multiple times and improve your margins. 

A free trial

A trial or sample of your products and services is another excellent lead magnet idea. These allow customers to experience your product before taking the plunge and purchasing. 

Excellent examples of free trials and samples include:-

  • Small single-use sachets of your product
  • 30-day trials of your app
  • A free coaching or consulting session to see if you are a good fit

A challenge or contest

Lastly, you might want to try launching a challenge or contest. These motivate prospects to take part in a community or group and help to get the conversation going. 

Contest and challenge examples include:-

  • Asking customers to login and use your app for 30 days straight
  • Getting people to submit videos of them using your products and then picking a winner with the best idea
  • Asking customers to design new products or service ideas with the winner receiving a cash prize
  • Rewarding customer reviewers with the most likes and shares on their social media accounts

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