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Connect hundreds of apps to Instiller using Zapier

Zapier provides an easy way to integrate hundreds of web services, allowing you to pass data between your favourite applications without ever having to write a single line of code.

Integrate with Zapier
Creating a ‘Zap’ is all based around triggers and actions which is basically a way of automatically linking things so that when something happens in one app it can do something else in another app.

Let’s use Salesforce and Instiller as an example…

The starting point is to create a Zap that triggers when a new contact is added into Salesforce – when that happens, all the user details can be sent automatically into Instiller and you could link that to trigger a Workflow which would add that person to one or more lists, send them a series of emails over a timed period or send them on a completely customised user journey – it’s that simple!

Just a few of the features

  • Connect hundreds of apps to Instiller with no coding
  • Synchronise users between your CRM and back again
  • Leverage the power of dynamic email Workflows based on triggers within other apps
  • Maximise marketing communications by ensuring nothing ever slips through the net

Getting started with Zapier

Head on over to Zapier and create an account then click on one of the links below to add Instiller to your dashboard.

Zapier for your clients

You can set up and manage Zaps up on behalf of your clients or they can go right ahead and do it all themselves. It’s easy to do and remember, there’s no coding required!

With hundreds of apps to choose from and a range of triggers and actions that we’ve developed the possibilities are almost limitless – especially when you bring Multi-step Zaps in to play.

In this first version of our app there’s 4 triggers and 4 actions. We’ll be adding more later but for now this little lot will provide you with everything you need to connect your favourite apps to Instiller and back again.

  • When things happen in other apps…
    • Trigger a Workflow
    • Create or update a persons details
    • Subscribe or unsubscribe people from Lists
    • Permanently suppress peoples email addresses
  • Link triggers within Instiller to automate actions in other apps…
    • When a link in an email is clicked
    • When people click unsubscribe
    • When a User is created or updated
    • When a Form is submitted
    • When a Campaign is sent

Get Started with the App

Need to connect multiple apps?

Not a problem with Multi-step Zaps because now you’re no longer limited to only two steps and you can set things up to trigger actions in as many apps as you like.

Have any questions?

If you like the sound of our integration with Zapier and have any questions then just let us know.


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