Email Marketing Features

We’re improving the layout of Email Profile screens

We’ve been working away on an update in the last few months that largely focuses on making it easier to setup custom sending and custom click tracking domains.

This project gave us an opportunity to revise the Email Profile details screen which we’ve now converted into a paginated affair rather than a long list of settings and options like it’s always been.

We don’t like changing the UI too much but this time it was necessary and so here’s a few screenshots to give you the heads up before we put the update online on Tuesday 18th April.

We’ll be sending out an update email on the day of release so look out for that and if you have any questions before then just let us know!

Email Profile screen pagination

Settings are now separated out across a few pages so that everything is grouped logically into smaller collections of options.

Email Profile Screen Pagination

Live DNS checks

When new domains are created live DNS checks are performed and info is provided to make the setup of the required DNS records much easier.

Live DNS Checks

Mail forwarding feature

This feature has been around for years but we’ve now made it available to everyone. It’s useful if you ever want to receive all of the emails sent to the ‘from address’ – those mails end up on our mail server and with the feature disabled they get deleted automatically.

Mail Forwarding Feature

New suppression option

This is another feature that has been around for a few years but hidden away. It’s still optional but is now easier to understand and work with. Basically, it allows you to build a suppression list that’s related to an Email Profile and it works in combination with all of the other types of suppression within Instiller.

Email Profile Level Suppression

Opt-out settings

Nothing has changed here it’s just that these settings are on their own page now. They really are worth another look though because in recent months we’ve added things like branding, exit survey and language translation options.

Opt-out Options & Settings


There’s lots of other incremental changes also included in this next update for things like animated GIF support but none of those things mess around with the UI so you may not even notice them unless you have a good look around!

We’ll be sending out more info about everything that’s included soon so keep a look out for an email from us.


The Instiller team



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