Google and Yahoo announce new requirements for bulk email senders

In October 2023, Google and Yahoo announced new requirements for email delivery that will come into effect in February 2024.

The new requirements will mean that for anyone sending more than 5,000 emails per day to Google or Yahoo, a set of authentication measures will be required to be met in order to ensure secure email delivery.

Yahoo has not specified the minimum sending requirements but it’s expected to match what Google will be looking for.

  • Implementation of both SPF + DKIM
  • Sending with an aligned “From” domain in either the SPF or DKIM domains
  • Valid forward and reverse DNS (FCrDNS)
  • One-click unsubscribe (RFC 8058)
  • Sending domain must have a DMARC policy of at least p=none
  • Reported spam rate of less than 0.3%

For anyone using Instiller the requirements in green are already in place and the other two points are easily handled.

If you’re not familiar with DMARC then don’t worry as it’s simply a case of using a DMARC record generator and then setting that TXT DNS record up on your domain.

For the reported spam rate, well that’s down to each sender but if you’re hitting that sort of rate then you already have big problems and DMARC isn’t going to be the answer.

Google and Yahoo’s focus is on improving inbox security for everyone so these new requirements should only be viewed as a good thing – plus, DMARC is so simple to implement there’s no reason why senders should put up any resistance.

In any case, if senders do not meet the minimum requirements then all that will happen is emails will get rejected or filtered so again, there is no valid reason why the requirements should be met with resistance.

Want to check if your sending domain already has a DMARC record?

DMARC may well be a new term to you and the sending domain you use could be managed by someone else but if you want to check whether it’s already in place then enter your domain in this DMARC record checker.

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