Boosting awareness with broadcast emails

If you’re an agency looking to reach your clients as quickly as possible then you may want to consider sending out broadcast emails. You might be hesitant to do so if you aren’t quite sure what they are and what they entail as well as some best practices to follow. 

Well, the good news is that you can have all of your questions answered here. Learn how you can go about boosting awareness with broadcast emails and all the ways in which Instiller can help you succeed and make your job of sending email marketing messages easy and straightforward. 

What are broadcast emails?

The end goal of sending out broadcast emails is to communicate to your target audience or clients as quickly as possible. You can keep your audience updated on important matters while also keeping your company relevant and on the top of their minds. Typically, it’s a message that is sent to a large group of people with a particular announcement or update you wish to share. All you have to do is select the recipients of the message from your contact list. In most cases, recipients can read the message only and can’t reply. 

Why is sending broadcast emails important? 

If you have something to say or share and want to get it into the hands of your clients or target audience fast then broadcast emails are the way to go. They are important for getting and staying in touch with a large group of people at one time. Most essentially, you can use them to boost brand awareness for your company and products. It keeps your company on the mind of your subscribers and is an effective way to maintain a strong and warm relationship with them. 

You can also use them to include a “call to action” at the end of your message as an opportunity to increase sales or get your recipients to do something in particular that helps your business. You can also use these emails to inform and excite your audience on a certain topic. Simply put, it’s a great way to stay in touch. 

What is the difference between broadcast & triggered emails?

With broadcast or promotional emails, you send out a general or one-off message to a large group of people on a particular date. It can be a weekly or monthly newsletter or an update to your audience. On the other hand, a triggered email is automated and is sent or triggered by a customer or subscriber who takes a specific action or performs a certain behaviour. They are distributed and sent out based on predefined events. The main distinction or difference is that broadcast emails are sent to a group of people with the same message, while triggered emails are delivered to individuals on a singular basis. Triggered emails are intentionally timely and relevant and can be sent based on a wide variety of customer data.  

5 types of broadcast emails

There are different types of broadcast emails to be aware of as well. Which type you use will depend on your needs and goals and what you’re trying to achieve. 

  1. Newsletters: One of the primary types of broadcast emails you can send out is a newsletter. This is a great tool for communicating with your audience and making sure you are present in their inboxes. It functions to encourage clicks to your website and works well in reaching a global audience or market.
  2. Digests: These broadcast emails are short and simple to scan and read. It contains a different type of content structure than a newsletter but does also cover a certain area. Consider sending a digest every day or every week and think about including surveys, videos, and blogs or news articles in it. 
  3. New Product Releases: A new product launch and release is an exciting time for your company and you want to inform people about it. A new product release broadcast email can help you do this. Focus on developing great content about your product and include some interesting company information so your target audience can learn more about your business. It’s an effective way to spread the word and get people excited about purchasing or trying the new product. You can include important events and dates as well. 
  4. Important Updates: Generally speaking, your company will have important one-off updates and messages to share with your customers. In this case, a broadcast email is a perfect opportunity to get this information to them quickly. 
  5. Sales and Promotions: Boost sales and gain new leads by sending out sales and promotions broadcast emails. It’s the ideal way to create a sense of urgency when you have a short-term initiative to cover. For instance, you may be offering free shipping or are running a flash sale and want people to know about it now. 

Email best practices

There are some best practices for broadcast emails you should apply for the best results. Start by segmenting your audience based on criteria like age, location, or gender. It’s important that your messages are personalised and relevant to the recipient. Doing so will help you increase open rates. Gather subscriber data and then create content that’s made specifically for these individuals. 

Next, you should always work to keep these broadcast emails simple and short. Get right to the point so there’s no confusion about what you want to share and you don’t lose the attention of your audience. Everything in the email should be relevant and you can format it using bullet points or numbers to help organise the content. You should also figure out the best times to send broadcast emails and follow these guidelines. Generally speaking, Tuesdays are known to be the best days to send out emails. Also, be sure not to overdo it and bombard or overcrowd your recipient’s inboxes by sending these out multiple days in a row. 

Maintain consistent messaging throughout your broadcast email and don’t jump around to different topics and matters. Use a consistent brand voice to boost brand awareness and build trust with your audience. You should also always include a compelling call to action near the end of the broadcast email. For example, maybe you have a learn more or subscribe now button included. You want the reader to know exactly what they should be doing next. 

Building broadcast emails with Instiller

One option for building broadcast emails as an agency is to sign up with and use Instiller. It’s an opportunity to manage all your clients in one area and strengthen client relationships so you can grow your business. We make it easy for you to brand your emails, save money, and offer a safe and reliable way to communicate and stay in touch with your clients when it matters the most. Our email marketing solution or service is easy to use, effective and provides you with intelligent personalisation tools and options. You will also be able to review detailed insights and analysis so you can see for yourself what a positive impact sending out broadcast emails is having on your business and as it relates to boosting brand awareness. 

Examples of broadcast emails

There are a few examples that are worth looking at a bit closer so you can see how important these broadcast emails are and that they work. For instance, Yelp used it as a chance to send out an updated terms of service and privacy policy agreement using a newsletter format with bullet points. While on the other hand, Canva used broadcast emails to notify its users that they have added millions of new photographs to their Pro Membership database. Starbucks used a broadcast email to let its customers know that they were updating and working on the app so it was under maintenance and the customers knew about it, instead of being surprised. The well-known and global brand Nike has used broadcast emails to announce the new arrivals each season and what gear to look out for. 

Reach your clients quickly with broadcast emails

If you weren’t sure what broadcast emails were before or how they can help your business boost brand awareness, well now you know. You should feel confident and excited about starting to create and distribute broadcast emails at your company. Be sure to track your results so you can see what an impact they have on brand awareness, helping you to stay in touch with your clients, and most importantly, allowing you to increase leads and sales.  

Start your first broadcast email with Instiller

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