5 Great looking landing page designs that convert

Putting together a landing page may at first sound like an easy thing to do, and it can be, but the risk of getting it completely wrong is always lurking so getting together a solid plan before you start is always the best route to take.

Think about how you’re going to convince a visitor to convert using only one piece of content. I know, sounds like a challenge but it can be done and in fact it’s done very well by lots of businesses.

According to Unbounce the average conversion rate (based on 74,551,421 visitors) for landing pages is 4.02%. So in simple terms, you need to attract roughly 100 visitors to get 4 people completing your call-to-action.

What makes a great landing page?

OK, so there’s always going to be an element of subjectiveness but the basic recipe for success is the same and important thing to remember is it doesn’t matter how much you love the landing page, it only matters what your target audience think as those people you are trying to convert.

Embrace the hero

The is the first thing that people will see so always use a captivating image that holds peoples attention and make sure it’s relevant to the content on the page. 

Keep it simple

Your landing page will look great and it will perform even better if you keep people focused on what it is you are driving them to do. In other words, stick to one clear call-to-action!

Get to the point

Nail it with a succinct headline that instantly switches the light bulb on for your visitors. Sure, reinforce with short description and bullet points but don’t go too heavy, people won’t read it.

Benefits before features

Including statements of capability is great, but not on their own, always use the ‘So what?” test to ensure landing visitors can actually understand the benefit.

Include testimonials and other forms of social proof

People love to know what others think and that’s why sites like TripAdvisor are such as success. So, if you can include reviews and testimonials they’ll go down a storm.

There’s plenty of other content you can test out such as Q&A, video’s, social link and don’t forget to freshen the content of your pages every now and then so that people can see your brand is moving forward.

You’re probably reading this because you’re currently thinking about or working on your own landing page so to help, here’s 5 great examples to give you a little inspiration. 


Create landing pages as an ‘alternative’  to competitors is a great approach for promoting landing pages and a good tactic for PPC.

A few things we like about this page…

  • It’s instantly obvious as to what the offer is
  • Quickly followed by capabilities and benefits
  • Minimal data capture form for CTA

FrontApp - Landing Page


Airbnb cleverly target visitors with the offer that they too could become hosts. I guess that means they could be staying in an Airbnb while their house is being rented out as an Airbnb – win win!

A few things we like about this page…

  • Geolocation pre-fills the first input
  • Personalised to estimate earning 
  • Paints a picture of simplicity 

Airbnb - Landing Page


If you’re sick and tired of ‘traditional’ banks and want something more modern where you control everything from an app then you’ll be pleased to know there’s plenty of choice these days.

This landing page is a good example of where Monese are aiming to get ahead in a competitive market place.

A few things we like about this page…

  • Clear and simple messaging
  • CTA is immediately in view
  • Includes Trustpilot reviews

 Monese - Landing Page


Pretty much everyone is interested in eating healthy (at the very least on weekdays!) and that’s one reason why this page was always onto a winner.

A few things we like about this page…

  • Tempting 50% offer
  • List of compelling reasons why it’s a great service and offer
  • Includes regionalised Trustpilot reviews

 HelloFresh - Landing Page


Even well known brands need to try hard and HubSpot have got it spot on with this landing page.

A few things we like about this page…

  • No header navigation from their main website
  • Clean logo backed up with Google Partner status
  • Straight to the point heading and description
  • One clear call-to-action – free is always good!
  • Backed-up with a few nicely worded benefit and capability statements

HelloFresh - Landing Page

Ready to get started on your landing page designs?

You don’t need to start your landing page from scratch and there’s a stack of landing pages out there, like the examples above, that you can take inspiration from.

Remember, stick to the basic recipe principles for building high-converting land pages and last of all, good luck!

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