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Yahoo Complaint Feedback Loop announcement

Yahoo have just announced that from the 29th June 2015 they will be taking over Complaint Feedback Loop (CFL) administration from Return Path.

If you’re sending marketing emails then you should definitely follow these steps to ensure ALL of your sending domains are registered correctly.

Here’s the email we received from Yahoo…

”On June 29, 2015, we will transition Yahoo Complaint Feedback Loop (CFL) administration from Return Path to Yahoo Customer Care.

We will continue sending spam reports during this transition. However, you will need to save existing CFL information as it will not be available after the transition.

To save the existing CFL information:

  • Go to
  • Sign-in with the email address you used for registration
  • Go to ‘Manage Existing CFLs’ section (3rd tab at the top)
  • Select all the information for existing domains
  • Copy and paste the information to a file for future reference

To add, modify or remove domains post transition, please visit

For any questions, visit our CFL Help page or contact Yahoo Customer Care.” 



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