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Send Instapage form submissions directly to Instiller

There’s loads of these kind of services available now and Instapage is most definitely the easiest to use landing page builder tool that we’ve come across.

That’s not to say others aren’t any good but we really like the way that it’s very quick and easy to set things up.

On their website they say it’s possible to build a landing page in less than 3 minutes and  that’s really not far off the mark – even for lower-tech users.

Just like Unbounce, they have hundreds of templates to choose from so that you can quickly build and publish landing pages plus you can A/B test content to optimise conversation rates automatically.

Instiller integration

We’ve recently finished the development for an integration with Instapage so now it’s easy to pass form submission data directly into Instiller and then trigger a Workflow.

We’ve built the integration around our Automation feature because it can handle all the things you’re going to want to do once a form is submitted.

Within Instiller you can create Workflows that will do things like…

  • Create and update users
  • Add or remove users from lists
  • Make decision using data to control which path in the Workflow people take
  • Set delays to wait for a period or until a specific date / time
  • Send an email or a series of emails over a period of time

Those are just a few of things that a Workflow can handle but even that short list demonstrates just how flexible and powerful an integration with Instapage and Instiller could be.

For more information on what Workflows are and what they can do take a look at this video or read more in our help pages.

A basic example

Let’s say you’ve created an event registration form to capture email address, first name and a few other brief details.

When the form is submitted the integration can pass all of that data to Instiller and then trigger a Workflow which has been previously designed.

When the Workflow is triggered all of these things could be automated…

  • User record is created / updated
  • Add the user to one or more lists
  • Autoresponder sent back to the person to say ‘thanks’ and to confirm event registration details
  • An alert sent to your team to let them know someone has registered for the event
  • Send an email reminder 1 day prior to the event start date and time
  • Send a feedback request email 1 day after the event end date and time
  • Trigger another Workflow based on data / engagement to send the person onto another path

One of the great things about building a Workflow is that they are totally customisable which means you can design them to be as simple or as complex as you like – either way, because everything is automated it will save you bags of time and drive better results for your dynamic campaigns.

Register with Instapage

First of all, you’re going to need an account with Instapage and the good news is they have a free day trial available for all new registrations.

If you’ve already got an account then that’s great and if your free trial has expired then head over to their website to check current pricing.

Getting started

So now you have your Instapage account and you’ve built a landing page all you need to do is following the help pages guide we’ve put together.

Our help pages will guide you through connecting up the form submission in Instapage to Instiller but you will need to spend some time getting up to speed with building Workflows too. (it’s a piece of cake!)

To get started, have a good read through these two help pages:

Have any questions?

Hooking up Instapage to Instiller is really easy to do but if you have any questions then just let us know.

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