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Run Fran, Run!

So, for my part of the Neteffekt – We are 10, fundraising events, I’m running 3 x 10km distances.  My first is a road race and it isn’t too far away now.  It’s suddenly dawned on me that I should perhaps get some training under my belt.

I have run a few 10km races over the last few years, but I have never managed to finish in under an hour.  Last year, my achievement was that I ran a whole race without stopping, this year, it’s all  about having a finish time that reads 59. something.  Wish me luck!  Please sponsor me and give me that extra boost to run a little faster and beat the illusive hour!

The race is on Sunday July 13th, my training and lean diet has started today.  I figure if I can shave a few pesky pounds off before the run, that’s got to help me run a bit quicker?    My plan for the next few weeks is to eat lots of super foods, drink plenty of water, cut out alcohol, weight train at the gym to build my muscles and of course I’ll be running as much as I can to increase my fitness levels.

Watch this space…..

My first practise run

I went for my first run since September last night.  It wasn’t as bad as I expected, but I wore the wrong trainers so the pain after a few steps was a bit of a bummer!

I managed to run the 10k (3.5 laps of Coventry’s War Memorial Park) in 1.04.  Now I know that I need to run a bit faster if I’m going to stand a chance of getting a finish time with a 59 in it!  I’m sure the right footwear will help me knock off the extra 4 and a bit minutes?

I’m going to need all the support I can get so I’d love it if you could please sponsor me.  Any sponsorship from you is matched by Neteffekt.

Living Healthy

My first 10km is getting closer.  It’s happening on Sunday at 10am.  Eek!

I’ve been running every few days and for the last 9 days, I have been on a detox diet in an attempt to get rid of a few pesky pounds.  I’ve managed to shift 7lb which I’m hoping is going to help me run a little faster too.  Fingers crossed.

Don’t forget that Neteffekt will match every penny of sponsorship I get, so please pledge some money, whatever you can spare and help me over the first of 3 finish lines.

One down. Two to go!

I ran my first 10km on Sunday and got a respectable 62.21 finish time.  A huge improvement on my training so I was happy.  I’ve started my training for the Stratford 10k now though and nothing less than 60 minutes will do.

I’m still eating healthily so with plenty of running between now and September 14th – things can only get better!

 My second 10km run….

This weekend I should be running the Stratford 10k.  I’ve been silly enough to double book myself as I’d already planned to do some fund raising for some Cancer Charities.

So, to make sure I kept up my side of the bargain and did my second of three runs, last Friday, I hit the streets local to my house and pounded out my second 10k.

That may sound pretty easy, but it’s worth mentioning that the night before I had been camping.  I’d had a little bit more to drink than I should have had!  Slept on a deflating airbed with a fidgeting 4 year old and was up at 5am on Friday morning, with the aforementioned 4 year old and the birds!!

So to run for 6 miles when I got back was a pretty big deal!

I ran it in 1.07, which is nowhere close to my hour, but this week, I have upped my training and managed a 4 mile run (with thanks to my friend, Faye Rose, running with me and keeping me going) in 40 minutes – dead on!  So, with plenty of practice runs between now and my last 10k, in November – I am going to do it!  I’ll get that illusive sub 60 minutes, I’m sure!

My last run is coming up soon…..

I have been pounding the streets these last few weeks to increase my fitness and stamina.  Seems I can lift some pretty heavy weights (for a girl!) at the gym, but running a sub 60 10km is my nemesis!  Last week in a practice run I managed it in 61 minutes… close! Just 61 little seconds to shave off my time.  Can it really be that hard?  Hope not!


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