Email Marketing Features

Improved Help section and new API

We’re pleased to announce improvements to our white label email marketing software Help section and a new developer API. Both these features are available now.

Improved Help section

Finding answers quickly means you and your clients get things done faster. With that in mind, we’ve been improving Instiller’s Help section.

  • Over 40 new articles, all existing articles rewritten.
  • New search facility.
  • Improved layout for better readability.

Take a look now by following any of the “Help” links within your email solution or view our website’s version.

New API for easier integration

The new developer API is built around a RESTful architecture, enabling easier integration and rapid development of new features.

  • Include CSV, HTML and CSS files with requests, just like using the UI.
  • Large responses are sent as zipped files for better performance.
  • Use visual API Explorer to test API commands in your browser.

The new API is available for use now. The API Explorers can be found in “Help”, in the “API Explorers” section at the bottom of the page or view our website’s version.

XML API becomes Legacy API

The email solution’s XML API is now known as the “Legacy API”. All existing features will still be available but no new functionality will be added to the Legacy API. Get in contact for advice on upgrading to the new API.

Keeping the Help and API up-to-date

Moving forward, we’ve allocated extra resources to writing new Help articles and have additional API functions planned – ensuring both features stay current.

We always welcome feedback, so let us know if there’s a Help article or API function you’d like to see.

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