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Improve the way you bring clients onboard

Getting new customers is always a really happy time because it makes you feel good about the fact people want to use your app or service over all of the other competing solutions that are out there.

Sometimes, that happiness can be short-lived because the process of getting people onboard is not as slick as it should be and new users are left frustrated.

Tick-list type jobs that are scratched down on a piece of paper somewhere, or those that are in someones head, can easily be forgotten and that pretty much always results in your new customers not getting the sign-up experience they we’re expecting or hoping for.

Every business has their own processes for bringing people onboard and in most cases there’s going to be a few different places to record information and set tasks such as your accounting app, CRM, project manager app, scheduled calendar events and so on.

Using the Instiller for agencies app within Zapier you can hook-up triggers so that when new Client Accounts or Logins are created they can easily be linked into your on-boarding master plan.

We’ve also made it possible to send all of the info about what your clients have sent to other apps to help simplify billing – ensuring nothing slips and maximum revenue for the email marketing service your agency provides is achieved.

Here’s just three basic examples of how the Instiller for agencies app within Zapier can be used to to help make your customers smile a little more when they think about your agency.

New clients

When a new Client Account is created within Instiller it’s likely that your agency has some sort of process in place to ensure information in other places is created or updated.

The information you store, the tasks and reminders you set are totally down to you but commonly they will be things like…

  • adding calendar entries for training sessions, renewals and other account reminders
  • setting account management tasks within your CRM
  • creating tasks within a project management app like JIRA

These examples might only be basic actions but it will help you to join things up and will assist with making sure your processes are as slick as they can be.

Your customers will definitely notice and they will feel much happier about the service they are getting too.

Help getting started

For every Client Account within Instiller there can be an unlimited number of logins. Your agency team members can create logins for clients but if existing client logins have the relevant permissions already they can also create logins for their colleagues.

Whoever creates a new login the objective should be the same and that is to ensure the person it’s being created for is given enough help, support and info to make learning how to use the solution as easy as possible.

Using the new trigger that’s linked to creating logins you can now easily set-up welcome programme emails. When your new to any app it’s always helpful to receive a series of emails over the first few days or weeks to slowly introduce you to new information and features.

Simplify billing

Our pricing for Instiller is already simple because there’s just one monthly cost and all  features are included as standard.

The only thing that changes are the number of transactions used by your clients each month (“transactions” are the total amount of emails sent, triggers, API requests and webhooks).

Until now, you’d need to download a CSV file when needed or use our API to pull the data into other apps.

All that has changed and within a few clicks in Zapier you’ll be able to remove the pain of billing by sending monthly billing data over to apps like Google Sheets, Xero and Freshbooks.

Create a Zap

If your agency is already using Instiller then it’s quick and easy to get started by clicking on the button below to create a new Zap using the Instiller for agencies app.

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Have any questions?

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about using Zapier to improve the management of your email marketing clients then just let us know.

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