Email Marketing Features

Events & Targeting updated

Yesterday we updated the white label email marketing software with two new features and some minor enhancements.

User Interface Changes


Minor visual changes update Events to match the rest of the application’s user interface. The term “Event Triggers” has been simplified to “Events”.

Activity Monitor & Targeting

Minor visual changes update the Activity Monitor & Targeting to match the rest of the application’s user interface.

New Features

User Agent Download

A new download in each Campaign Report that provides User Agent information. This includes which devices, applications, operating systems are being used to open and click emails; useful when considering which email clients to test your emails in.

Background Images

We now support the “background” attribute on elements for adding background images to older email clients, any images in the “background” attribute will be automatically processed when you upload.

Other Updates

Inbox Inspector Results

New mobile inboxes including Outlook and Yahoo on Android. Sharing has been made more prominent: making it easier for you to share results with clients.

List Unsubscribe Header

We’ve always added this non-visual header into emails when they are sent, now we only insert the header when the email contains an opt-out link.

Delivery Rate Controls

We’ve added more granular level of throttling to more accurately control the speed at which emails are sent to the mail servers.

Campaign Comparison Report

The on screen information for this report has been improved. All of the data can now be exported as a CSV.

We’re always interested in hearing your feedback, so let us know what you think.

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