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How to enable SSL on click tracking domains

Using just a couple of DNS records Instiller makes it easy to authenticate your own domains for sending and tracking engagement (clicks, opens, conversions etc.).

As a bonus, and because of the way in which Instiller makes clever use of DNS records, when a custom click tracking domain is authenticated all links are able to use HTTPS.

What does HTTPS mean?

When you see a padlock icon to the left of the website address in your browser (just like on this webpage) you can be confident that any information exchange between you and that web page is securely encrypted, making it far less likely that any hackers can get hold of personal details and other information.

It’s the same thing with emails and when you click on a link, if the link uses HTTPS, any information on that link will be encrypted and sent securely to the server.

How do you make links use HTTPS?

In many other ESPs, such as Sendgrid, it’s very complicated to setup a custom click tracking domain and then enabled HTTPS on all links – take a look here to see just how scary their setup is!

There’s none of that with Instiller and in fact once you’ve added a couple of DNS records the rest is taken care of automatically so once you get to the point of sending emails you can be confident that all of the links within the content are as secure as they can be.

Sounds easy, right!?

It really is, and if you want to take a look for yourself then all you need to do is get in touch and we’ll set you up with a free and unlimited 14 day trial for you to discover what Instiller can do for your agency.





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