Email Deliverability

Don’t panic after pressing ‘send’

All marketers set out to create and send perfect email campaigns but even when seemingly endless hours are spent testing to ensure everything looks and functions beautifully there’s always the chance external factors make something go wrong.

Here’s a list of a few things that sometimes go wrong and more often than not lead to extreme panic and complete meltdown when not handled correctly.

Wrong or broken links

A common mistake to make is sending out an email campaign with an incorrect or broken link, be it a simple typo or if the destination link changes beyond your control.

In order to get around this, we spent some time adding a feature that allows links to be edited after an email has been sent. We only did it out of knowing it was possible because of the way we track link clicks then forward users on to the destination URL.

What we didn’t expect was for the feature to be used so much! Even with our automatic link testing we do when setting up an email template, sometimes an email campaign is sent with a broken or incorrect link. It’s proven very useful for some of our clients to edit a link within their email campaign after it’s been sent.

Pull the plug

If it’s a really bad issue, like sending to the wrong lists, then the only move might be to stop delivery completely.

There’s not a lot you can do here but at least it’s an option. Stopping delivery with any mail server isn’t instantaneous but it happens fairly quickly and will help to minimise the impact of the wider issue.

Queued for the wrong day or time

Marketers that are super organised will have all their campaigns queued up ready to go at just the right time, the rest of us will be working under pressure right up to the deadline.

It doesn’t matter which camp you generally fall into because mistakes can be sorted easily before they become a problem.

Email campaigns queued for delivery at a later time are simply sitting there waiting and watching the clock for the go time and that means that if you spot an issue with the list, content or the delivery time you’re able to cancel everything and start again.

It’s delivering too fast

We hear reports of other solutions having issues of not being able to deliver promptly or quick enough. Instiller doesn’t suffer from that and a feature our agencies really like is the ability to control the speed of delivery.

It helps people to manage response more efficiently and if websites are creaking it also reduces the loads and stops their web server from exploding.

We added control for throttling at send time a while back and more recently we’ve introduced the ability to throttle the speed during delivery through the email campaign report options.

It’s important that email marketers have the ability to control all aspects of email campaign management especially when running into issues. Not being able to sort out issues like the ones above could be disastrous in terms of complaint rates, opt-outs, black-listing and more importantly the reputation of your business.

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