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Automate customer re-engagement using Triggered Messaging

Websites have no real control over what users do and as a result online abandonment figures for browsing, form completion and checkout can be as high as 70%.

When considering the growing number of lost opportunities and also taking into account reports suggesting that by 2016 analysts predict 23% of all UK purchases will be done over the Internet,  re-engagement seems like the obvious solution to convert leads.

Forrester research reveals 90% of cart abandonment leads go cold within 1 hour, with the likelihood of sales conversion diminishing steadily as minutes pass.

Interestingly though, customers who abandon their basket then return to complete their purchase, spend on average 55% more than those who complete the purchase in one go.

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Triggered Messaging provides an automated method for encouraging Internet users who abandon any process, to revisit websites using timely & personalised abandonment recovery emails that have the potential to turn cooling prospects back into sales.

Tracking the journeys of online users generates a source of data to help create highly personalised messaging within webpages, transactional email and email campaigns using real-time data.

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