Email Marketing Features

Version 4.4.10 updates

The headline item in another feature packed update is the completion of rolling the powerful template language to all solutions.

We’ve extended the capabilities of the template language even further by adding the ability to store Structured Data that will provide almost limitless possibilities in terms of creating dynamic content emails.

Template Language


There is a new option to preview the file before you import. This enables you to map the fields yourself and save your selections for use again later.

We’ve added field validation into the new feature to identify invalid records before your import takes place, helping to reduce errors.

Using saved Field Maps is still available and we’ve done our best to keep the import process as near to what it was previously.

Next time you import to a List, use the Field Mapping Preview, we’d love to know what you think.

Structured Data

If you already use one of these CRMs to track customers and deals then our new import integrations will make the process of adding users into  your email solution much simpler.

The option to import from either CRM is available when you create a new List or edit an existing List.

If you use Highrise Tags you are able to filter contacts so only a subset of your contacts are imported. View the Highrise Tag support article for more information.

Stop Campaign Switch

In case you didn’t already know, we track each time a List has been used and we record the delivery and performance metrics.

There is now a view of delivery performance and Feedback Loop complaint analysis.

The List edit screen now has a new look including a new drag and drop file uploader.

Go to the List edit or create a new List page and take a look at the new features that are available.

Automated Opt-out Prevention

We have always had a number of solution level reports, if you have not used them before log into your email solution and from the Agency Tab select a Solution Report from the right sidebar .

If you have any suggestions of how we can improve the reports please do let us know.

Coming Soon…

We’re in the process of improving our Targeting section.

If there are any suggestions for this feature please do let us know by raising a Support ticket or by adding a post in our forum.

We’ll keep you updated on this exciting new development.

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