Manage, segment & grow your audience

Confidently manage all of your email marketing campaign data within a highly secure and protected environment.

Easy import

Upload plain text CSV files and import all of your data in seconds.

No limits

Create an unlimited number of Lists and subscribers without restriction.

Securely hosted

Data is securely hosted and protected within our UK data centres.

User profile & custom fields

Records are stored uniquely based on email address and duplicate records are automatically stripped out for you.

Add first name, last name, address details and and whole range of other personal data plus there are 30 custom fields available to store any other type of related info required.

User profile & custom fields


Build simple rules based on data stored within user profile and custom fields that match subscribers and allow you to easily create and update Lists.

Segmentation profiles can optionally be saved and re-used use so that you can quickly and easily refresh Lists as new subscriber records are created or updated.


Behavioural targeting

Analyse how subscribers engage with the campaigns you send and use those powerful insights to boost response rates through targeted emails and triggered automations.

Engagement tracking is automatic and it' s easy to setup triggered emails based on things like a link click, form submission or an API request.

Behavioural targeting


Subscribers can set their own individual preferences for the emails they want to receive or alternatively you can define what happens automatically when people click unsubscribe.

Suppressions for your existing ESP can be imported easily and there's an auto-cleansing feature that automatically suppresses people that make a complaint and email addresses that continually bounce.


More features...

Here's more info on just a few of the other features available for managing your subscribers.

Seed list

A handy feature to ensure key people receive a copy of every campaign.

Subscriber tags

Apply tags to User Records to infer an interest or preference.

360 view

There's a full CRM-type view of activity for every one of your subscribers.

Field maps

Speed-up imports by saving how your upload files map onto fields within Instiller.

Realtime blocklist

Next-level suppression to stop data getting in through forms, API and import.

Export data

Allow people with the correct permissions to download data at any time.

Seamless integration with other apps

Developers can create custom integrations using our API and you can easily connect to a stack of other apps straight out of the box.

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