Understand every part of your campaign

Track everything related to the performance metrics of your email campaigns using powerful realtime reporting and analysis.

Securely delivered

Instiller delivers emails secured by the very latest email authentication standards.

Realtime analytics

Track delivery & response in realtime from the moment you press send.

Apps & mobile devices

Detailed reporting on what people are using to view the emails you send.

Lists & suppression

Select as many Lists as you like and Instiller takes care of everything so that people will only ever receive one email.

Lists can also be used as temporary suppression sources so you can easily send to people on Lists A, B & C but exclude anyone that appears on Lists X, Y & Z.

Lists & Suppression

Split testing

Most other apps allow A & B splits but with Instiller you get more flexibility and can have up to 5.

The subject line, content and sending address can be changed for each split and the competition winner can be automatically selected after a custom period of time based on either opens, clicks or conversions.

Split testing

Google Analytics

One click can activate automated tagging of Google Analytics 'utm' parameters onto every single link within your email designs.

Tracking values can be customised and it's easy to turn tracking off for individual links where it's not required or not support by the destination website.

Google Analytics

Opt-out options & analysis

Instiller opt-out forms are completely branded to you and include a language translation option as default.

All of the settings can be completely customised so you're in full control of what happens when people click unsubscribe and you can optionally include an exit survey and we'll track the reasons why people are saying goodbye.

Opt-Out Opt-Out Opt-Out

More features...

Here's more info on just a few of the other features available for sending campaigns.

Email reply tracking

Let Instiller collect replies so you can manage them centrally.

Delivery throttle

Smoother response through being able to control delivery speed.

Data export

Export all data from campaign reports or using the API.

Custom domains

Build better sender reputation and keep branding on-point.


Repeated delivery failures and complaints get suppressed automatically.

Live link editor

Spotted a broken link after send? No problem, fix it for the next click.

Social sharing

Allows your subscribers to securely share some or all of the email content.

Engagement feed

See details of who's engaging and what they're doing in realtime.

Visual click map

Learn more about where exactly on your email campaign people are clicking.

Seamless integration with other apps

Developers can create custom integrations using our API and you can easily connect to a stack of other apps straight out of the box.

View integrations