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Looking for an alternative to Campaign Monitor
Looking for an alternative to Campaign Monitor

Instiller vs. Campaign Monitor

You're spoilt for choice. There's hundreds of ESPs for you to choose from, Campaign Monitor being one of them. So, how do you differentiate them and why should you choose Instiller? With Instiller, there's no basic, unlimited and premier pricing plans.

One price unlocks everything, from marketing automation to email builder section locking.


At Instiller, we believe in zero waste marketing for agencies. Meaning you should only pay for the emails that you send.


No white lies.
All white label.

Unlike Campaign Monitor, we're 100% white label and dedicated to you, the agency.

  • Your clients will never need to know that Instiller exists
  • You're free to resell the platform at whatever cost you wish.
  • Set the branding to match your agency and customise each account for your clients.
Expert Support

Our UK help desk is staffed entirely by experts of the platform.

You've seen and heard it all before; hours on the phone trying to get through to someone and 1 or 2 day
response times for a single email enquiry. The result? Sub-par support from someone who's received a crash
course on the platform, or better yet... A script!

  • Our support team consists of experts who contributed to the build of Instiller.
  • We aim to respond within 20 minutes.
  • Resources are also available to help you optimise your Instiller experience.
Unlimited Accounts

Create as many users and accounts as you like. The sky is the limit.

There's no limit to how many user and client accounts you can create. Instiller is
a flexible solution for growing agencies or for those looking to downsize.

  • Manage all your accounts from one single platform.
  • Set-up as many of your agency's team as you'd like.
  • Set permissions for clients to control what they do and see.
All Features Included

All of our amazing features are available. Nothing locked or gated.

There's no pricing plan that determines which features you unlock. Whether you're
sending 100,000 emails or 900,000 emails per month, every feature is available to you.

  • Maximise marketing opportunities with automation.
  • Control what features clients use.
  • Extensive reporting and analysis for all campaigns.

Instiller is around 44% cheaper than other email service providers

"We've been using Instiller for a short while now, and we have never had better quality results from our email campaigns. The system shows us when we get something wrong, delivers high quality reports to give our customers, and gives our clients the best results they've had from email marketing. The support is the quickest I've received and the answers they send back are detailed and in depth. Easy to use interface for the most part, great reporting, delivers great results and happy clients."

Stephen Beard, Head of Development, CProgress

Further benefits, features & selling points - Campaign Monitor vs. Instiller
Campaign Monitor - Integrations
  • Pay based on number of uploaded contacts.
  • Three pricing plans that include; basic, unlimited and premier.
  • Charged for inactive contacts such as unsubscribers.

Instiller Integrations

  • Pay based on volume of emails sent.
  • No pricing plans to unlock features.
  • No hidden costs for set-up, additional services, features or support.

Simple pricing structure

Simple pricing structure

Campaign Monitor - Integrations

  • Customise each client account with unique permissions.
  • A limited number of log ins and accounts can be created.

Instiller Integrations

  • Unique permissions for all accounts & log ins.
  • Create an unlimited amount of log ins.
  • Unlimited number of client accounts and toggle between each one.

Flexible access permissions

Flexible access permissions

Campaign Monitor - Integrations

  • 49 app integrations across 6 categories.
  • Categories include; retail, publishing and non-profits.

Instiller Integrations

  • 29 app integrations across 9 categories.
  • Categories include; retail, publishing and non-profits.

App integration

App integration

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