Is it time you switched your Email Service Provider?

If you’re thinking about switching from your current email service provider (ESP), take a look at some of the most common reasons that we hear that are for and against making the move.

Reasons to switch:

  • You’ve outgrown the feature set
  • You’re not happy with the level of service or support
  • You’re unable to resell the software and make money from it
  • You’re struggling to meet the minimum email send
  • You’re not in full control of the software
  • It lacks the functionality needed in today’s digital world

Reasons not to switch:

  • It might disrupt the delivery of your service
  • Users will have to learn a new system
  • Something might go wrong in the transition
  • It could cost you both time and money

Here at Instiller, we believe there’s NOT a single reason why you would NOT switch.

So let us show you how we simplify the switching process in our ‘One Smart Move’ infographic below.

Click the image to download a PDF version.



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