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Version 4.5.4 updates

Version 4.5.4 will go online on Monday 3rd November. For this latest release we've added a new feature to help your clients manage how their email template appears under Gmail's Promotion tab and also...

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Version 4.5.3 updates

Version 4.5.3 will go online on Monday 1st September. For this latest release we've been concentrating on improving Template Testing and adding features around this area of Instiller; including a coll...

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Version 4.5.2 updates

For this latest release we've been concentrating on improving the View Online feature and also adding a Send to a Friend feature. Both of these updates are available now and are designed to help in...

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Version 4.5.1 updates

The main focus of this release has been to make it much easier to set-up and manage Client accounts. In doing that, we've taken the opportunity to improve the organisation of all of the settings scree...

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Version 4.4.11 updates

We've taken a stack of suggestions from our clients and added many ideas of our own to put together a feature packed release that we hope you'll love! The new version contains updates that we've be...

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